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If there’s one appliance you use more than any other in your kitchen, it’s the refrigerator. Think of the countless times you access the fridge each day. Whether it’s cooling a favorite beverage, keeping ingredients fresh, or properly preserving leftovers, the right refrigerator can help you meet your culinary needs efficiently. But why stop there? Perhaps you want a fridge with the appropriate aesthetic to complement your kitchen design. Fisher and Paykel refrigerators fit the bill, and then some. The innovative and stylish designs of Fisher and Paykel refrigerators provide you with precision control for a superb culinary cooling experience. As the premier Sacramento Fisher and Paykel Dealer, the appliance professionals at Masters Wholesale want to walk you through their favorite Fisher and Paykel refrigerators to help you zero in on the best refrigerator for you. Stop by our Sacramento Fisher and Paykel Showroom to see the models in person!

Why Choose Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators Over Other Brands?

Fisher and Paykel have been around for a long time. They’ve been designing incredible appliances since 1934 and selling them in over 50 countries. What I like most about Fisher and Paykel is that they always create products with the customer in mind. Appliances should solve the problems and needs of those who use them. This kind of thinking allows them to design products outside the traditional box of what a refrigerator can do. Beyond innovative performance and exceptional features, Fisher and Paykel also understands that style plays an important role in how people build their kitchens. Their design philosophy of “the social kitchen” acknowledges that people crave flexibility in their refrigerators to match the kitchen aesthetic. The kitchen is more than a place where food is made. It’s where we meet and connect with family and friends. Fisher and Paykel refrigerators help to complement that belief.

Key Features of Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

Fisher and Paykel refrigerators are precise and multi-faceted to give you the ultimate in temperature control and cooling. Their innovative cooling features allow you to maximize the freshness of all your ingredients, even if they require different cooling solutions. No matter what your configuration desires may be, Fisher and Paykel offer several different options: refrigerator only, freezer only, under counter, quad door, French door, and bottom freezer. Here are some of the key features of Fisher and Paykel refrigerators:


With a combination of microprocessors, sensors, and independently controlled fans and vents, ActiveSmart can adapt to any fluctuation in cooling conditions to bring the refrigerator back to equilibrium quickly and efficiently.

Variable Temperature Zones

Separate zones give you the flexibility to adjust the temperature of each zone independently—all with the press of a button. Choose between pre-set food modes or manually adjust the temperature for complete control over storing and caring for your food.

Humidity Control

The Humidity Control System is designed to offer you the ideal microclimate in each produce bin to slow fruit and vegetables’ degradation process effectively.

Pros and Cons of Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

With Fisher and Paykel’s high-quality and beautiful aesthetics, it’s hard to find anything to improve.


Each model is different; however, many Fisher and Paykel refrigerators feature the following:

Variable Food Modes

You can set your temperature settings for your different compartments: Pantry, Fridge, Soft freeze, and Freezer.

SmartTouch Interface

This feature allows users to customize the refrigerator to their preferred settings, such as temperature control.

Adjustable Shelving

Whether you’re storing a gallon of milk or need to organize smaller ingredients, adjustable door shelves, and glass cantilevered shelves can accommodate you.

Dual Evaporator

A dual evaporator uses two evaporators to create two unique environments, giving you lots of flexibility when trying to cool items with different settings.

Wi-Fi Capability

Communicate with your refrigerator to check expiration dates, adjust temperatures, or make sure the door is closed, all from the convenience of your mobile device!

LED Lighting

LED lights are important for several reasons:

  • More efficient in the cold
  • Don’t give off a lot of heat
  • Come in various shapes in sizes
  • Last longer
  • Uses less energy
  • More environmentally friendly

Sabbath Mode

For those observing Shabbat, Sabbath Mode allows you to use the refrigerator without activating any lights, sounds, or controls.

Limited Warranties

For parts and labor, Fisher and Paykel offer a two-year limited warranty and a five-year warranty for sealed system parts.


Honestly, I don’t see any! When creating a user-friendly, versatile, and stylish refrigerator, Fisher and Paykel covered all the bases. Because so much technology and craftsmanship goes into their refrigerators, I think the only real drawback is the price. It can feel extremely expensive, but you get what you pay for. Fisher and Paykel refrigerators are some of the finest you’ll ever see.

My Favorite Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

With so many amazing refrigerators from Fisher and Paykel, it’s hard to narrow them down, but let’s try!

Fisher & Paykel Series 7 16.8 Cu. Ft.


Fisher & Paykel Series 7 16.8 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Built In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

With a roomy fridge freezer and versatile look, this stylish refrigerator has it all! Want to integrate it with your custom cabinetry? Give it a sharp contrast with stainless steel panels? No problem! This fridge is designed to look good while giving you easy access to food. Chock full of outstanding features such as a SmartTouch interface, Wi-Fi connectivity, and ice maker, it’s a good bet all your needs will be met with this champ of a refrigerator.

Price: $7,199.00

Fisher & Paykel Series 7 20.1 Cu. Ft.


Fisher & Paykel Series 7 20.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

This fridge wins the Best for Families award with a hefty 20.1 cubic feet of space, easy-to-clean spill-safe glass shelving, and easy-to-access French doors. With two doors, it’s much easier for more than one person to use the fridge at a time. Adjustable shelving helps your fridge keep up with the heavy demands of your family’s lifestyle. It includes a door water dispenser, an internal ice maker, and a spacious bottom freezer with a full extension drawer to give you easy access to frozen goods.

Price: $3,599.00

Fisher & Paykel Series 11 12.4 Cu. Ft.


Fisher & Paykel Series 11 12.4 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Column Refrigerator

If refrigeration is truly all you need in a small space, then this compact column refrigerator is for you! With versatility, you can always integrate it with another Fisher and Paykel refrigerator if you find you’ll need more room down the road. The adjustable shelving makes the most of the 12.4 cu ft. available. It includes two separate Variable Temperature Zones and an internal water dispenser.

Price: $7,799.00

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