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In the last several years, many manufacturers like KitchenaidCafé, and Bosch, among many others, have attempted to come out with new appliance colors.  Their thought was that Stainless Steel was losing its momentum.  Stainless Steel has been the top-selling finish in appliances for the last 25 years.  I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.  Stainless is timeless and still very relevant with top designers.

Black Stainless and Matte finishes are still available but don’t have the same luxurious look as stainless.  A designer once told me that if you have a small space to hang a mirror and it will make the space appear larger.  Stainless appliances have that same effect.

Mixed metals are becoming a trend.  Stainless with a mix of Copper and Bronze (for the cabinet handles and faucets).