Your 2023 Guide to Shopping Viking Ranges

Are you in se­arch of the perfect high-e­nd appliance to elevate­ your kitchen? Look no further than Viking Ranges! With the­ir masterful craftsmanship and innovative feature­s, they surpass all others in the marke­t. This is not just any ordinary kitchen appliance; it’s an exciting culinary e­xperience waiting to unfold in your ve­ry own space.

If you happen to be­ in the Sacramento area, why not e­mbark on a little excursion to the Maste­rs Wholesale showroom? Pre­pare to witness the bre­athtaking Viking Ranges up close and personal. Our­ incredibly knowledgeable­ staff at Masters Wholesale will be­ delighted to assist you in discovering all their re­markable features.

Key Features of Viking Ranges

Accurate Temperature Regulation:

Viking Ranges allow you to cook your meals precisely, ensuring consistent and accurate results each time. The temperature settings are finely tuned, allowing for high control and precision in your cooking process.

Pro-Style Cooking:

Viking Ranges offers a professional-grade cooking experience right in your kitchen, thanks to its powerful burners and spacious cooking area.

Durable Construction:

Viking Ranges are designed to endure, incorporating durable materials and robust craftsmanship capable of withstanding the demanding nature of everyday culinary endeavors.

Stylish Design:

Viking Ranges showcase stylish and sophisticated designs that elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen and create a lasting impression.

Pros of Viking Ranges

Superior Cooking Performance:

Discover the delight of culinary exploration with Viking Ranges, renowned for its unmatched cooking capabilities. These ranges ensure perfectly cooked meals every time by providing accurate temperature control and even heat distribution. Whether you’re preparing subtle sauces or savoring succulent steaks, Viking Ranges consistently deliver outstanding outcomes, earning the admiration of even the most discerning cooking enthusiasts.

High-Quality Construction:

When purchasing a Viking Range, you invest long-term in high-quality craftsmanship. These ranges are meticulously crafted to the highest standards, utilizing top-notch materials and robust construction. The resilience and longevity of Viking Ranges guarantee their ability to endure the rigors of everyday cooking for an extended period.


Viking Ranges present a variety of cooking possibilities and characteristics that ignite gastronomic ingenuity. With high-performance burners for rapid boiling, searing, and accurate simmer settings for delicate sauces, these ranges grant the versatility to explore diverse recipes and culinary methods. Whether baking, broiling, grilling, or sautéing, Viking ranges offer ample space for all your cooking needs.
Viking Ranges are distinguished by their impressive oven capacity, which allows for the simultaneous preparation of multiple dishes. Whether entertaining guests or cooking for a large family, Viking Ranges offer plenty of room for accommodating sizable roasts, multiple baking trays, and everything in between.

Timeless and Elegant Design:

Viking Ranges offer exceptional functionality and a sense of sophistication to your kitchen. These ranges seamlessly fuse practicality with visual appeal through their streamlined and enduring designs. The sleek outlines, stainless steel exteriors, and meticulous craftsmanship effortlessly elevate Viking Ranges into a captivating centerpiece in every kitchen.

Cons of Viking Ranges


Viking Ranges are renowned kitchen appliances that command a premium price due to their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative functionalities. The high quality and cutting-edge features make them a worthwhile investment.


Specific Viking Ranges may possess larger dimensions. Therefore, verifying their precise fit within your kitchen area is imperative.

Top Recommendations for Viking Ranges

As someone who has worked with various ranges, I’m particularly impressed by a few models in the Viking lineup. These are my top picks:

Viking Professional 7 Series Range


Viking Professional 7 Series Range

The crowning jewel among ranges, the Viking Professional 7 Series Range is the epitome of exceptional performance, versatility in cooking options, and an elegant design that can make any kitchen shine. Whether simmering sauces, baking pastries, or searing steaks, this range has got you covered. It’s a powerhouse wrapped in a stylish package.

Viking Professional 5 Series Range


Viking Professional 5 Series Range

If you’re someone who’s a whiz in the kitchen and you often find your home filled with the laughter and chatter of family and friends, the Viking Professional 5 Series Range is like your culinary partner in crime. Its generous oven capacity and an array of burners give you the space and flexibility to juggle a roast, grandma’s secret sauce, and those cookies the kids love all at once.

Viking Tuscany 36


Viking Tuscany 36″ Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range

This range is like a symphony orchestra at your fingertips for the connoisseurs and the culinary maestros. The Viking Tuscany 36″ Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range has been crafted with the finesse and precision that professional chefs crave. With robust burners, a spacious oven, and the kind of temperature control that can coax flavors to sing, this is the choice for those who live for the art of cooking.

Discover the Viking Showroom in Sacramento!

Visit our Viking Showroom in Sacramento to immerse yourself in Viking Ranges. Explore the superior craftsmanship and precision that define our range of cooking appliances. Gain a first-hand understanding of how Viking Ranges can revolutionize your culinary journey, boasting advanced temperature control, high-powered burners, and adaptable cooking capabilities. Let our knowledgeable team guide you through an engaging demonstration showcasing Viking Ranges’s impressive features and functionalities. Enhance your cooking experience with the unparalleled performance and innovation of Viking appliances.

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