Ten Best Monogram Fridges of 2023 Reviewed

Your refrigerator is your friend and ally against hunger pangs and food waste. Choosing the right refrigerator for your home doesn’t just impact daily life but your wallet and the environment as well. With a Monogram refrigerator, you know that their quality craftsmanship means lower energy use, and their innovative technologies will keep your food fresher for longer. Explore luxurious Monogram refrigerators at the Masters Sacramento Monogram Showroom.

Why Choose Monogram Over Other Brands?

Monogram is redefining the world of luxury appliances with high-quality materials, innovative technology, and superior craftsmanship. There are three pillars to Monogram; materials, performance, and ownership. They want you to feel like a part of the Monogram family as an appliance owner. Monogram puts equal emphasis on design and their consumers; they want their appliance designs to enhance day-to-day life and making in the kitchen easier. With research to support their designs, Monogram is revolutionizing how we see luxury appliances. 

Monogram Key Features

While you know Monogram is the epitome of style, function and quality; you have specific features, functions and sizes that you need from your refrigerator. Many Monogram refrigerators feature the following:

  1. A wide array of choices, including panel ready, stainless steel, built-in, counter depth, and freestanding. 
  2. Advanced temperature management systems keep food fresh for longer, reducing food waste and helping your budget and the environment. 
  3. Offers features like convertible drawers to maximize your food storage space. 
  4. Climate-controlled refrigerator drawers for keeping different foods fresh.
  5. HFC-free models.
  6. Dual refrigeration systems. 
  7. Advanced water filtration systems.

Pros and Cons of Monogram Refrigerators

Choosing the right refrigerator for your home is essential; it’s a high use appliance that significantly impacts daily life. To help with your decision, here are some Monogram pros and cons from the experts at Masters.

Monogram Pros

  1. Highly advanced features and technology.
  2. Most models have Wi-Fi capabilities.
  3. Quality materials and craftsmanship.

Monogram Cons

  1. Higher price point.
  2. Their industrial look might not suit some styles.

Our Favorite Monogram Refrigerators

It was tough to choose, but we selected our top ten favorite Monogram refrigerators. 

Best Overall

The Monogram 28.8 cubic foot stainless steel Smart Built-In side-by-side refrigerator easily wins our Best Overall award. This stunning model provides space for the busiest families or ambitious hosts. It features adjustable glass shelves, Sabbath mode, an advanced temperature management system, Wi-Fi capabilities, LED lighting, a GE water filter, and an exterior ice and water dispenser.


Best for Families

The Monogram Statement 23.1 cubic foot stainless steel counter depth French door refrigerator is perfect for families of every size. Families eat a lot of food, so storing it at the right temperature, even when different foods need different temperatures, is key for feeding any family. With three different settings, you can accurately set temperatures to keep meats, cheese, veggies, and fruits fresh for longer. And you can store this food more efficiently with a drop-down tray that provides extra door storage. 


Best Built-In

  1. The Monogram 20.2 cubic food custom panel smart built-in side-by-side refrigerator allows you to keep your kitchen design seamless. Store pesky items like milk jugs easily in the spacious, adjustable door storage bins.
  2. The Monogram 24.4 cubic foot stainless steel smart built-in side-by-side refrigerator includes advanced temperature management and climate control drawers to keep produce fresh for longer. 


Best French Door

  1. The Monogram Minimalist 23.2 cubic foot stainless steel counter depth French door refrigerator is the French door refrigerator of your dreams. It features TwinChill, which uses separate systems to cool the freezer and fridge. TwinChill makes your fridge more energy efficient, keeps food fresh longer, and keeps odors out of your freezer.
  2. The Monogram 20.1 cubic feet stainless steel counter depth French door refrigerator features flush inset installation, a six temperature setting convertible drawer (choose from extra freezer space, food storage, or wine storage.), and Wi-Fi connectivity. 


Best Under the Counter

  1. The Monogram 4.3 cubic foot stainless steel compact refrigerator helps you make the most out of your counters and your main fridge. Store bulkier items, things you don’t use often, and plenty of drinks for guests with ease.
  2. The Monogram 5.0 cubic foot stainless steel drawer refrigerator allows you to easily adjust the temperature to store different things like foods or wine. It also features digital controls for ease of use. 


Best Beverage Center and Wine Coolers

  1. The Monogram 5.5 cubic foot stainless steel beverage center makes it easy to host family and friends. LED lighting makes this refrigerator easily accessible, and its QuickSpace shelf can be adjusted to hold various beverages.
  2. The stunning Monogram 24’’ stainless steel wine cooler features full-extension wooden racks that can hold up to 57 wine bottles. The shelves adjust so you can store larger bottles as well. LED lighting helps you view your collection with ease. 

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