The Best Electrolux Refrigerators, Reviewed in 2023

Form and function come together for one luxurious, reliable product in Electrolux Refrigerators. Efficient at cooling, easy on the eyes with their stainless steel exteriors, and responsible corporate citizens with their reliable Energy Star Certifications (on some products, not all), these Electrolux ice boxes are a great offer from Sacramento Electrolux dealer, Master’s Wholesale.

What makes Electrolux Refrigerators unique compared to other brands?

Electrolux refrigerators are not just smooth operators that look like a million bucks. In addition, these cool, tall drinks of water can be installed as one single fridge or side by side seamlessly. This turns your single-door into a spacious double-door refrigerator.

The Swedish design is one of my favorites, too. Something about that marriage between minimalist but luxurious design and function just does it for me. For example, single-door Electrolux water filters go inside the refrigerator door to keep the outside seamless. French doors still have a water filter you can access from the outside, but there’s another perk in that case. Instead of two doors of the same size, one is slightly wider, giving you access to the nosh inside without opening up the whole thing at once, saving energy.

And for the wine moms and dads out there, a special Temp Adapt drawer keeps your whites and red perfectly chilled, with a temperature setting from -6 to 45 degrees.

As for environmental chops, consider this. In 2022, Electrolux was named Partner of the Year for Energy Star because of their efforts to reduce waste and energy consumption across their appliances. Electrolux will also plant a tree every time a purchased appliance is registered online.

What are the key features of Electrolux Refrigerators?

Ample Space

You’ll do less Tetris-style sliding and moving to store and access your food and more easily reach and see fresh ingredients and meals. Air circulates better this way, which keeps treats tasty longer.

Excellent Crispers

Those crisper drawers significantly prolong the freshness and flavor of your fresh fruits and vegetables. Electrolux calls its crisper drawer technology TasteLock Plus, and I like the excellent humidity control and ethylene gas absorbers.

Perfect Temperature Control

I mentioned cool circulating air once already. This is a refrigerator’s biggest job, and it should do it to perfection like the Electrolux Brand. The temperature outside the refrigerator will change, but the fridge itself is reliable and efficient.

Customizable Shelving

Sometimes you need to fit a tall layer cake in the fridge. Sometimes you just need to toss in a jar of salsa. With Electrolux refrigerators, the shelves can be rearranged.

What are the pros and cons of Electrolux Refrigerators?


  • The moveable shelves will make organization way easier, as is the added space of every Electrolux.
  • Beautiful. Stunning. A piece of art. Modern and sleek. These are all ways customers describe Electrolux refrigerators. If aesthetics matter to you, you’re sure to be pleased here.
  • Electrolux tall water dispensers make filling up my big water bottles way easier than I was used to with other brands.
  • An adjustable temperature drawer in the fridge is perfect for wine, cheese, meat, and anything else you need chilled and kept cool fast.
  • Two ice makers are great for an active family, especially during those hot summer months.
  • Electrolux refrigerators actually use less energy than a standard refrigerator.
  • Counter-depth designs mean the fridge will integrate with your home decor and not stick out and look bulky.


  • Parental PSA: The stainless steel used on Electrolux refrigerators is not magnetic. If you have kids who love bringing home their drawings, you’ll need to find another creative way to hang them up.
  • You’ll need to think of these refrigerators as an investment because you won’t spend less than $1,000 on any of these quality beasts.

The Best Electrolux Refrigerators, Reviewed

Electrolux 21.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Best for Families

Electrolux 21.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator (EW23BC87SS)

The Electrolux 21.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator is an Energy Star Certified model will save you on electricity bills, which I love. There’s also a door alarm so nobody forgets to shut the door – another energy-saving feature. You’ll get 6.82 cubic feet of freezer capacity and 14.72 cubic feet of refrigerator capacity, which is a happy medium accommodating the large freezer and refrigerator. This also lets you save all your frozen meals, fruits, and veggies, which help out a ton with keeping families fed and happy. You also get a three-year warranty here, which is longer than the other Electrolux models.

Electrolux 19 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Column Refrigerator

Best for Biggest Storage

Electrolux 19 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Column Refrigerator

Why compromise on storage space when you can place a single-column refrigerator next to a single-column freezer model and have the most space for each need? At 19 cubic feet of storage each, this arrangement has you covered. Does anyone else freeze their leftovers for a lazy day? That little trick has helped me seriously cut down on food waste.

Electrolux Kitchen 5.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Beverage Center

Best Beverage Overall

Electrolux Kitchen 5.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Beverage Center

Wine lovers might decide on a fridge for wine bottles exclusively, but for the best of both worlds, I don’t think you can beat the Electrolux Kitchen 5.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Beverage Center. The floor of this stainless steel beverage refrigerator comfortably chills six bottles of wine, while the top two shelves can handle beers, seltzers, and other beverages.

Your#1 Electrolux Dealer in Sacramento

Personally, I’d rather stay in than go out, so the creature comforts will draw me in every time. It is never a waste to have a high-quality refrigerator in my world. If you feel the same, you will not be disappointed in Electrolux products. Come visit Sacramento’s #1 Electrolux Dealer, Master’s Wholesale.

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