Sacramento Sub-Zero Showroom

Shop the complete line of Sub-Zero refrigerators at our Sacramento Sub-Zero showroom. Take a look, get a feel for these great refrigerators, and see which ones will fit best in your home. Our expert sales staff have assisted thousands of people in choosing the right Sub-Zero. 

What is Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero is an American brand with global appeal and recognition. Manufactured here in the US, Sub-Zero’s are designed to last. Their superior materials and craftsmanship create refrigerators at the top of their class. Sub-Zero refrigerators use the latest technology and time-tested design to create a high-functioning, energy-efficient refrigerator. Features like dual compressor design keep food fresh for longer. The newest technology allows pinpoint temperature control. A flexible interior design will enable you to stock your refrigerator with regular groceries or party-sized platters for your next dinner party. 

Sub-Zero Products in Sacramento

With full-size, under-the-counter, and wine storage options, you can find a Sub-Zero that works for you.

Full-Size Refrigeration

We offer a complete line of full-size Sub-Zero refrigerators.

Wine Storage

Find the wine refrigerator that fits in your home at Masters Wholesale.

Undercounter Refrigeration

Make the most of your space with under-the-counter refrigerators and freezer units.

What to Look for in a Sacramento Sub-Zero Dealer


It’s essential that the sales staff is educated and informed about the latest Sub-Zero models. The experienced sales staff at Masters Wholesale has been helping home builders stock their homes for over forty years. This translates into expert advice for our customers.


To make the most out of your Sub-Zero shopping experience, look for a showroom that is well stocked. There’s no point in shopping if you can’t take your Sub-Zero home with you! 

Reputation and experience

Choose a retailer with a good reputation and experience with high-end appliances. You can rest easy at Masters Wholesale, we’ve been helping professionals for decades and love sharing our expertise with our customers.

Delivery and haul-away services

Choose a retailer that can help with the entire process of buying a new refrigerator, including hauling away the old one and installing the new unit. 


Why visit Masters Wholesale’s Sub-Zero Showroom?

There’s nothing quite like being able to look at and touch a Sub-Zero refrigerator you’re thinking about buying. You’ll see the color clearly and can judge if you like how the doors open and close. It will be easier to visualize the refrigerator in your home, making decisions simpler. Plus, the staff at the Masters Wholesale Sacramento Sub-Zero showroom are experienced and educated about Sub-Zero refrigerators. You can have all of your questions answered by our knowledgeable, friendly staff.

How much does a Sub-Zero fridge cost?

  1. French door Sub-Zero refrigerators start at $11,000. 
  2. Side-by-side models start at $12,520.
  3. Bottom freezers are $8,480.
  4. Column refrigerators are $8,225.
  5. Column freezers are $7,830.
  6. Undercounter fridge and freezer units are $5,475.
  7. Wine fridges come in an array of sizes, from $3,000 to $10,000.

Are Sub-Zero fridges worth the price?

A Sub-Zero refrigerator is well worth the price, according to the experts. Consider Sub-Zero’s limited 12-year warranty on a refrigerator’s sealed system. Most refrigerators last closer to ten years, which is before the Sub-Zero warranty even runs out. Sub-Zero’s are designed to last 20 years or more, which saves you the cost of replacing a lower-quality refrigerator. Also, because of their superior design and quality, Sub-Zero’s use less energy, saving you money on your utility bill. They keep your food fresher for longer, so that’s less soggy lettuce and sad mushrooms. 

Are Sub-Zero and Wolf the same company?

Sub-Zero bought the residential side of Wolf back in 2000. 

How long do Sub-Zero refrigerators last?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are designed to last 20 years, which is twice the life expectancy of the average refrigerator. Many Sub-Zero’s last longer than 20 years. 

Where is Sub-Zero manufactured?

Sub-Zero is located in Madison, Wisconsin, in the USA. 

Does Sub-Zero have a lifetime warranty? 

While Sub-Zero doesn’t have a lifetime warranty, its warranty coverage is considered the gold standard in the industry. They offer:

  1. A two-year total product warranty that covers parts and labor.
  2. A five-year sealed system warranty, including parts and labor. (This means that the sealed parts of your refrigerator, like the compressor and hoses, are covered.)
  3. After five years, a six – twelve-year warranty offers limited coverage on the sealed system.

And, if you purchase your Sub-Zero from Masters Wholesale, we offer an extended warranty on your Sub-Zero that starts after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Dependability is our mission.

Does Masters Wholesale offer Sub-Zero repairs?

No, we don’t offer appliance repair services. You can visit Sub-Zero online for access to customer service and qualified repair professionals. 

I need to replace a Sub-Zero fridge. Can Masters help with that? 

Absolutely! Have your questions answered by our knowledgeable sales team; they’re experts at helping people find the right appliances. And they have all the latest information on new appliance models! Plus, we offer free haul-away services for old appliances. And, with our installation services, we have you covered from start to finish. 

Where can I learn more about Sub-Zero? 

There are many online resources for Sub-Zero, including the company’s blog. These popular products are written about in many online publications, so a quick google search offers hundreds of results. You can also visit our Sacramento Sub-Zero showroom anytime you have questions, want to learn more about Sub-Zero, and check out these stunning refrigerators in person.