5 Ways Sub Zero Refrigerators Differ from Regular Refrigerators

If you’re considering purchasing a new refrigerator from Masters Wholesale, you may be thinking about a Sub Zero refrigerator. Or maybe dreaming is a bit more accurate; aren’t these high-end refrigerators considered the Mercedes Benz of kitchen appliances? Perhaps a Sub Zero is at the high end of your budget, and you are weighing the pros and cons. After all, a less fancy refrigerator will do the same job….right?

Occasionally a brand comes along that performs so well and with such unparalleled quality that we can give it a wholehearted recommendation by saying it’s more than worth the price. Sub Zero is one of those brands, and here are a few reasons why. 

1.  Custom Design

A Sub Zero refrigerator is built to match your kitchen’s décor and style. You can choose from gorgeous, modern stainless steel and other finishes or have its doors fitted with the same cabinetry as your kitchen. It’s similar to marriage vows—your kitchen and Sub Zero refrigerator can become one seamless unit. We know you likely put a great deal of effort into your kitchen’s aesthetic, and with a custom Sub Zero, you can choose a refrigerator that will support that design and not detract from your kitchen vision. With its wide range of exterior options and sizes, a Sub Zero refrigerator will easily fit into your kitchen.

2.  Duel Refrigeration System

Its dual refrigeration system further illustrates the superiority of Sub Zero refrigeration. Many refrigerators use the same evaporator and compressor to cool both the fridge and the freezer. This means that the same air used to cool the freezer also cools the fridge and cycles back into the freezer. With a Sub Zero, they have separate cooling units for the fridge and freezer. This leads to three huge benefits:

  1. Temperature control is more precise. A Sub Zero refrigerator is accurate to one degree of the internal thermostat. This leads to better food preservation, which means less wasted food. 
  2. Since the fridge and freezer don’t share air, you’re less likely to have frost build up in your freezer. The dry, frozen air stays in the freezer, while the moist, cool air stays in the fridge. (Now, if only you could separate your children the same way….)
  3. Have you ever opened your freezer and wondered why it smells like your fridge? Even the freshest fridge can smell like its contents, and no one wants cheddar cheese-scented vanilla ice cream. (At least, we assume so.) With Sub Zero’s separate compressors and air space, your freezer will remain fresh and unscented.  

3.  Built-In Air Purification

But what about smells in your fridge? Creeping molds and smelly bacteria that rot food and cause odors can be circulated through your fridge’s natural airflow, making your fridge (and kitchen) stink and leading to food spoiling faster. With Sub Zero’s built-in anti-microbial air filters scrubbing the stench-causing bacteria from the air in your fridge, it prevents odor and food spoilage. (Unfortunately, again, this feature does not apply to children.) With this forgiving system, your fridge will smell fresher longer and need to be cleaned out less frequently. 

4.  Intuitive Technology

A Sub Zero fridge is built to handle the demands of a growing family. With its intuitive temperature technology, a Sub Zero will “learn” that the door will be opened 75 times between 3 pm and 7 pm and adjust its cooling patterns accordingly. This means your precious groceries will stay fresh, despite the constant quest for juice boxes and snacks. Your Sub Zero fridge will also agree with you that there is plenty of food in the refrigerator, despite accusations otherwise. 

5.  Brand Quality

And finally, the quality of Sub Zero appliances is unparalleled. As experts in the home appliance sector, we’re here to say that you will get what you pay for with a Sub Zero. Sub Zero utilizes unrivaled design, cutting-edge technology, and superior materials to craft one of the best refrigerators on the market today. This is a purchase that will stand the test of time. 

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