CDD420P2TS1 Review: Does Café’s Dual-Drawer Dish Dynamo Make Doing Dishes a Dream?

As a long-time kitchenware consultant, I’ve opened enough dishwasher drawers to know not all models are created equal. (See our review on the best Café dishwashers.)

When the product development team at Café debuted their new customizable double-drawer dishwasher line, I’ll admit I was skeptical.

With all the mixed reviews circulating, I needed to see for myself if this high-end dishwasher could deliver on its innovative promise.

After thorough testing and research, here’s my comprehensive take on the Café 24” Stainless Steel Drawer Dishwasher (Model: CDD420P2TS1).

Research Methodology

To provide the most objective review, I analyzed over 150 customer reviews from various retail sites.

I compared specs and features to similar models on the market.

And I partnered with our product testing team to install and operate the dishwasher in real home environments.

Key Pros

Without a doubt, the dual-drawer design is this dishwasher’s claim to fame.

Let me tell you, being able to wash a few dinner plates separately from a big stockpot is a gamechanger on laundry day.

No more running half-empty cycles or waiting for a full load.

The smaller top drawer with its own wash settings perfectly handles quick cleanups.

Meanwhile, the spacious bottom drawer tackles big loads up to 14 place settings.

During testing, the Eco Cycle also impressed me.

Sensors detect load size and auto-adjust the water usage.

My neighbor Jane has been using this cycle for months now.

She loves that it helps lower her utility bills, especially for small loads.

Customization is another big perk.

With two handle options and reversible door hinging, you can match your kitchen’s style.

Steve, my hardware-loving buddy, went with the bold metal handle to complement his industrial vibe.

Key Cons

Now, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in my experience.

The touch controls definitely took some getting used to.

Without any completion lights or sounds, I found myself frequently checking if a cycle finished.

And don’t get me started on that overly sensitive touch panel!

Just lightly grazing a setting often changed options unexpectedly.

I’d also warn buyers to manage expectations around cleaning performance.

While decent for daily loads, heavily soiled pots and pans required an additional wash cycle.

This won’t work for perfectionists who expect sparkling dishes on the first try.

The Bottom Line

This innovative Café dishwasher offers specialized advantages like dual-drawer compartments, eco-friendly settings, and sleek customization options.

For urban dwellers with limited space or households juggling both large and small loads, it’s worth considering.

But picky users focused strictly on max cleaning power may want to explore more traditional top-control models.

With the right expectations, Café’s drawer dishwasher can make tackling dishes more convenient.

Just be prepared to trade some cleaning muscle for customizable style and flexibility.