Monogram: Luxury is Personal

The Design Approach

Monogram takes us to Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Nashville Design Collective and Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio. Anuszkiewicz believes that design is telling a story visually. He also believes that luxury and functionality become more evident with good design. So, to demonstrate what good design can do with high-quality, gorgeous appliances from Monogram, Anuszkiewicz set out to design a kitchen. His goal: Take the heart of farmhouse vernacular and bring it to an evolved, futuristic state.

The Monogram Farmhouse Kitchen

Anuszkiewicz wanted to become more connected to the natural environment surrounding the beautiful city of Nashville. He wanted the same sense of warmth and spirit and welcome that he feels in Nashville embodied through kitchen design. He wanted an approachable design that showcased excellent Monogram products. Monogram appliances are beautiful pieces that are also highly functional.

Here are the Monogram products featured in the design kitchen:

  1. Brass Hearth Oven “Jewel box piece” is excellent for making authentic pizza!
  2. 48-inch range top with brass accents
  3. Integrated refrigeration

Anuszkiewicz’s Approach to Design 

Anuszkiewicz describes his design process with individual clients as like being a chameleon. He strives to create designs that exceed his client’s wildest dreams. This requires attention to detail, skill, and intuition. He knows that each of his client’s homes are deeply personal, both an extension and a reflection of that person. His goal is to curate a beautiful relationship with each of his clients. His design materials tell a story a beauty and functionality that reflects and supports each of his clients. He knows he’s succeeded when their design complements their personality.  

His overarching goal with the design kitchen was to create a well-functioning kitchen. Good function flows naturally from excellent design. A well-functioning kitchen is efficiently organized and fun to use. And, it saves you time. You’ll be able to host, cook and clean more efficiently with a well designed, highly functional kitchen. This gives you more time for fun, family, and friends. 

When approaching the Monogram design kitchen aesthetically, Anuszkiewicz wanted to bring layers into the picture. The rolling hills of Tennessee inspired his palate. He brought the organic palate of the stately woods of the area into the kitchen in various ways. 

Ceruse walnut

The dark, deep warm brown of ceruse walnut used in the counters, cabinetry and paneling. The two tone texture of a ceruse finish allows the stunning walnut grain to shine through, adding depth and light to the room.


Art easel inspired marble hood

This stunning, custom-designed hood is the showcase piece of this room. Its warm, angular brass frame holds a gorgeous slab of marble that rests in the frame like a canvas on an easel. The side lighting avoids glare and creates warmth while naturally drawing the eye. 


Oak French ceiling

The ceiling is made from pieces of French oak wood and is arranged in a contemporary, almost geometrical design. This wood is lighter than the ceruse oak, creating more space and light in the room. This stunning yet subtle piece brings a modern farmhouse feel. 


Brass fixtures

Inspired by the appliances, this design kitchen features warm brass fixtures. The golden brass tones pop against the dark wood while accenting the lighter tones in the ceruse wood. 


Open dish pantry

This adjacent pantry features built-in dish storage, glass doors, and accents. The glass allows the beautiful dishes to be seen while creating a sense of spaciousness and elegance. 

This stunning kitchen showcases the beauty and functionality of luxurious Monogram appliances while displaying the design principles of functionality, beauty, and style. With Monogram, luxury is personal. Shop for Monogram appliances in person at the Masters Wholesale Sacramento Monogram showroom.

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