KitchenAid Showroom

Shop the full KitchenAid line with Masters Wholesale, the premier Sacramento KitchenAid dealer. Explore full-size refrigerators or under-the-counter drawer options. Find a perfect wine cellar for your home, or get a feel for the dishwasher you need. KitchenAid supplies all your kitchen appliance needs, from refrigerators to microwaves and ranges. Talk to experts and see KitchenAid appliances up close and personal at the Masters Wholesale Sacramento KitchenAid showroom

What is KitchenAid?

KitchenAid is a kitchen appliance manufacturer. KitchenAid is there whenever you want to make something in your kitchen. Famous for their iconic stand mixers and full-size refrigerators alike, KitchenAid helps you cook, brew, and bake—and then will do the dishes for you when you’re done making. KitchenAid has been in business since 1919. 

KitchenAid Products in Sacramento

Check out the complete line of KitchenAid appliances at Masters.

Full-Size Refrigerators

Shop the complete line of KitchenAid full-size refrigerators at Masters. They offer French door, side-by-side models with panel-ready and built-in options. 

Wine Cellars

Find the wine cellar of your dreams from KitchenAid. With a range of styles, sizes, and finishes, you can find a wine cellar that complements your home’s style. 

Cooking Appliances

What cooking appliance are you looking for? KitchenAid makes high-quality versions of everyday kitchen appliances. Explore microwaves, ranges, cooktops, and ovens from KitchenAid at the Masters Wholesale Sacramento KitchenAid showroom. 


What To Look For in a Sacramento KitchenAid Dealer

Look for a showroom with an experienced sales staff. Showroom staff should be there to help you by answering questions and sharing knowledge about the latest models. The team at Masters Wholesale is experts at assisting customers in finding the right appliances for their homes; they’ve been helping professional home builders for years! A lot of nitty-gritty details come up, like sizing, that are essential to finding an appliance (or appliances) that fit in your home. You can trust that the experts at Masters will ensure you walk out with appliances that do what you need and fit perfectly in your home. 




Why visit the Masters KitchenAid showroom?

There’s nothing quite like seeing appliances in person to help you make a decision that’s right for your home. You can get a real feel for a dishwasher’s features or how a refrigerator’s door opens. Seeing is believing, and at the Masters KitchenAid showroom, you can explore the latest KitchenAid has to offer. 


How much does a KitchenAid refrigerator cost?

KitchenAid offers full-size refrigerators at a range of prices. Here are the prices for models offered at Masters. (Prices may vary based on specials, time of year, etc. Check for rebates on your favorite refrigerator!)


  1. 23.8 cubic feet black stainless steel counter depth French door refrigerator: $4,999.00
  2. 20.0 cubic feet stainless steel counter depth French door refrigerator: $2,499.00
  3. 25.8 cubic feet stainless steel French door refrigerator: $4,499.00
  4. 27  cubic feet stainless steel French door refrigerator: $3,399
  5. 22.6 cubic feet stainless steel counter depth side-by-side refrigerator: $3,149.00
  6. 19.9 cubic feet counter depth side-by-side refrigerator: $3,059.00
  7. 24.8 cubic feet stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator: $2,870.00
  8. 10.0 cubic feet panel ready built-in bottom mount refrigerator: $3,999.00
  9. 19.68 cubic feet stainless steel French door refrigerator: $2,339.00
  10. 20.9 cubic feet stainless steel built-in bottom freezer refrigerator: $8,144.00
  11. 25.1 cubic feet stainless steel counter depth side-by-side refrigerator: $10,079.00
  12. 24.2 cubic feet stainless steel built-in French door refrigerator: $11,199.00
  13. 29.4 cubic feet stainless steel counter depth side-by-side refrigerator: $11,249.00
  14. 29.5 cubic feet stainless steel built-in side-by-side refrigerator: $11,699.00
  15. 30.0 cubic feet counter depth side-by-side refrigerator: $10,259.00


Are KitchenAid refrigerators worth the price?

KitchenAid has built a loyal following of customers devoted to their products, including their refrigerators. KitchenAid designs its products with cooks and bakers in mind. They are made with high-quality materials with a great deal of skill. KitchenAid appliances will stand the test of time and work more efficiently than other brands.


Is KitchenAid a high-end brand? 

KitchenAid is a premium brand due to its quality craftsmanship and materials. It is comparable to brands like SubZero and JennAir.


Where is KitchenAid manufactured?

KitchenAid manufactures its wide range of appliances in several locations, including these states:


  1. Ohio
  2. South Carolina
  3. Iowa
  4. Mississippi
  5. Indiana
  6. Arkansas

KitchenAid also manufactures its products in different countries like Canada and China. All of their stand mixers are made in Greenville, Ohio. 


Does KitchenAid have a lifetime warranty?

No, they do not offer lifetime warranties. Their warranties vary based on the product. For example, their built-in oven with a microwave comes with a ten-year, limited warranty. 


Give yourself the ease of mind with an extended warranty from Masters. Our warranty goes into effect once the manufacturer’s warranty ends. Our extended service plans offer protection you can trust and a solution you can depend on. 

Does Masters offer KitchenAid repairs?

No, we don’t offer appliance repairs. 

Can Masters help with KitchenAid appliance replacements? 

Absolutely! Call us, or come to our showroom to discuss the latest models from KitchenAid for your replacement. We also offer a free haul-away service for your old appliances. No hassle or fuss; we’ll get you a replacement and take care of the old one in record time. 


Where can I learn more about KitchenAid appliances? 

Our blog has several pieces on KitchenAid, including this one on refrigerators. Other good sources include the KitchenAid website and appliance blogs. Consumer Reports is also a trusted source for many brands, including KitchenAid.