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KitchenAid Refrigerator

If you’re looking for a quality refrigerator, you’re likely looking for a KitchenAid. A KitchenAid refrigerator stands the test of time and is perfect for anyone who wants to store their food respectfully. Home cooks and chefs value their KitchenAid refrigerators for their superior craftsmanship and quality. Find the perfect refrigerator for your home at Masters Wholesale’s Sacramento KitchenAid Showroom.

Key Features of a KitchenAid Refrigerator

1. ExtendFresh Temperature Management System and Produce Preserver

The ExtendFresh Temperature Management System and Produce Preserver helps keep food fresh and tasting better for longer. Set custom temperatures in different areas to maintain food and its ideal storage temperature with a humidity-controlled crisper for fruits and vegetables and a FreshChill temperature-controlled full-width pantry for meats and cheeses.

2. Two Separate Temperature Control Systems

Select KitchenAid refrigerators have two separate temperature control systems; one for the fridge and one for the freezer. This keeps air from circulating through both units, preserving freshness in the refrigerator and freezer. It also allows for more precise temperature control and helps to regulate humidity; freezers work best with dry air, while fridges need different humidity levels. 

3. Standard Full-Size, Side-by-Side and French Door Models Available

There are a variety of styles of KitchenAid refrigerators available, such as the standard full-size with side-by-side and French door models. Find specialized refrigerators like under-the-counter units and wine coolers. 

4. PrintShield Resists Dirt, Spills, and Fingerprints

A KitchenAid refrigerator features many innovations that make your life easier, like PrintShield, which keeps the exterior of your fridge cleaner by resisting dirt and fingerprints. Other convenient features include a flexibly designed interior, allowing you to move shelves to customize storage space. Even better? There are spill-resistant options. Sliding and pull-out trays make storing platters and trays of food easy. The water dispensers in a KitchenAid refrigerator make sense and are designed for ease of use. These are just a few of the incredible design features offered by KitchenAid. 

KitchenAid Refrigerator Costs


French Door Refrigerators Price
23.8 cubic feet $4,499.00
20.0 cubic feet $2,519.00
25.8 cubic feet $4,049.00
Side by Side Refrigerator
22.6 cubic feet $2,799.00
19.9 cubic feet $2,699.00
24.8 cubic feet $2,879.00
Under the Counter Drawers
4.4 cubic feet panel ready $3,299.00
4.4 cubic feet stainless steel $3,399.00
Under the Counter Combo
4.29 cubic feet panel ready $3,059.00
4.29 cubic feet stainless steel $3,059.00
Under the Counter Refrigerator
5.0 cubic feet panel ready $2,399.00
5.0 cubic feet stainless steel $2,159.00
Beverage Center
4.9 cubic feet black stainless steel $2,789.00
4.9 cubic feet stainless steel $2,999.00
5.2 cubic feet black stainless steel $2,899.00
5.2 cubic feet stainless steel $2,899.00
Wine Cooler
4.9 cubic feet stainless steel $2,609.00

KitchenAid Refrigerator Life Expectancy

A KitchenAid refrigerator can be expected to last between 14-17 years. You can make your refrigerator last longer with some easy cleaning and maintenance. Vacuum your condenser coils to remove debris like hair and dirt; this is especially important for homes with pets. Clean the rubber seal on the doors; this will help them keep cold air in the fridge, reducing how much the motor needs to work. With a little effort, the experts say you can extend the life of your fridge and reduce the need for repairs. 

What Sizes Are Available for KitchenAid Refrigerators?

Here are the sizes for some of the popular KitchenAid refrigerators. The sales team at the Masters Wholesale showroom in Sacramento are experts at sizing and will ensure you walk out with the right size for your home!

1. French door refrigerator sizes

2. Side-by-side refrigerator sizes

3. Under the counter drawer refrigerator sizes

4. Under the counter refrigerator

5. Beverage refrigerator sizes

Why Purchase a KitchenAid Refrigerator?

1. Quality craftsmanship

The quality of materials and skilled craftsmanship of a KitchenAid refrigerator means you’ve invested in an appliance that will last much longer than the average fridge. And, your KitchenAid is less likely to need repairs, which saves you time, energy, and money.

2. Reduce food waste

With a KitchenAid refrigerator, you will have less food spoilage. The grace period for that bag of lettuce going from crisp and green to mush is much longer, which means less food waste and the accompanying guilt. In short, you’ll have more delicious food, spend less on groceries and feel better all around with a KitchenAid. 

3. Uses less energy

Because of its superior craftsmanship, a KitchenAid is far more efficient than a standard fridge, which means it costs less to run. Save money on your electric bill with a quality refrigerator from KitchenAid. 

Where to Buy KitchenAid Refrigerators in Sacramento

Masters Wholesale is the number one Sacramento KitchenAid dealer; come shop like the professionals in our gorgeous showroom! We’ve been the professional home builders’ choice for over 40 years; now, you can take advantage of our expertise and wide selection of KitchenAid Refrigerators

I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

Table of Contents

KitchenAid Suite

Table of Contents

  1. KitchenAid Ovens, Ranges, and Cooktops
  2. KitchenAid Refrigerators
  3. KitchenAid Dishwashers
  4. KitchenAid Microwaves
  5. KitchenAid Garbage Disposals
  6. KitchenAid Hoods and Vents
  7. Where To Buy KitchenAid Appliances in Sacramento

Buying the right kitchen appliances is easy when you choose KitchenAid from Masters Wholesale. We are the premier Sacramento KitchenAid dealer, with their complete line on display in our showroom. With a brand as excellent as KitchenAid, it’s impossible to make a wrong choice….outside of the size, of course, which is why our skilled sales team will make sure you walk out with KitchenAid appliances that are the perfect fit. We’ve been the professional home builders’ choice for KitchenAid appliances for over 40 years. You can also take advantage of our professional expertise and selection of KitchenAid appliances to build the kitchen of your dreams. KitchenAid provides a range of kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. Cook, bake and clean quickly and precisely using top-of-the-line and impeccably crafted KitchenAid appliances. 

KitchenAid Ovens, Ranges, and Cooktops

KitchenAid Oven and Stove


Make short work of cooking and baking projects with an oven, range, or cooktop from KitchenAid! With incredible KitchenAid technology and a wide range of sizes, they have versatile options to fit any kitchen’s needs. 

1. Ovens

Make the most out of your kitchen space with wall ovens from KitchenAid. They offer single ovens, double ovens, and oven/microwave combos. Cook and bake like professionals with a KitchenAid oven. The 30’’ stainless steel double wall oven offers convection technology and a superior design for consistent heating and even cooking. 

Price: $4,199.00

2. Ranges

KitchenAid ranges offer the best of cooking and baking technologies. Choose from features like 5+ gas burners, electric stovetops, dual fuel, and convection technology. Serious cooks will love this range with six gas burners, an electric griddle, and two ovens so you can bake cookies and roast chicken…at the same time. 

Price: $12,799.00

3. Cooktops

Choose from gas, electric, or induction cooktops from KitchenAid. Each style offers the top-of-the-line performance you can expect from KitchenAid. Prices range based on type and size.

  • 32’’ Induction cooktop price: $2,349.00
  • 30’’ Electric cooktop price: $1,499.00
  • 36’’ Gas cooktop price: $1,799.00

KitchenAid Refrigerators

KitchenAid Refrigerator

A KitchenAid refrigerator is your staunch and reliable ally when it comes to fresh food storage. Choose from a wide range of types and styles that will make your life smoother!

1. Side-by-Side

KitchenAid side-by-side refrigerators are the height of refrigerator style and technology, with a FreshFlow air filter that pulls odor and rot-causing bacteria out of your fridge. This keeps your food and kitchen fresh and clean! They come in a variety of sizes that can fit any kitchen.

Price: $3,499.00

2. French Door

We have KitchenAid French door refrigerators in black and traditional stainless steel. These French door models make hunting for food in the back of the fridge easy and accessible. KitchenAid French door fridges feature the PreservaFood Care System paired with a Linear compressor to keep your food fresh and yummy for longer. 

Price: $3,399.00

3. Drawers

Make the most of your cupboard space with an under-the-counter refrigerator drawer from KitchenAid. We offer a panel-ready model for a seamless look or a stainless steel model that will shine in any kitchen. 

Panel ready price: $3,299.00

Stainless steel price: $3,399.00

4. Beverages

KitchenAid is known for its beverage refrigerators. These conveniently sized units are designed with your beverages in mind and make entertaining guests easy. This black stainless steel Beverage Center refrigerator helps you make the most of your fridge space!

Price: $2,789.10

KitchenAid Dishwashers


kitchenaid dishwasher

Enlist a KitchenAid dishwasher in your eternal war on dirty dishes. These powerful, meticulously crafted dishwashers work and wear well; for years. Which is how long doing the dishes will take without one! KitchenAid dishwashers match any kitchen décor with stainless steel and panel-ready models. 

1. Stainless Steel

Your shiny stainless steel built-in KitchenAid dishwasher will stay that way, even with it being one of the most “touched with grimy hands” appliances out there. KitchenAid stainless steel dishwashers feature PrintShield, which protects their glimmer and shine. It’s not just a pretty face either; this dishwasher has three versatile racks which let you load it up with pots, pans, and mixing bowls. Advanced cleaning and drying features result in sparkly, bone-dry dishes every time. 

Price: $1,149.00

2. Panel Ready

The KitchenAid panel-ready dishwasher has many features of a traditional KitchenAid dishwasher, including its Advanced Clean Water Wash System. Match your dishwasher to your cabinetry perfectly with this panel-ready KitchenAid dishwasher. 

Price: $2,399.00

KitchenAid Microwaves

kitchenaid microwave

It’s good to have a backup plan for life, especially in the kitchen. Are your stove burners too full to steam veggies for dinner? Pop them in the microwave. Reheat leftovers to feed hungry mouths quickly and reduce food waste. Or, if there are no leftovers in sight, microwaves make quick work of frozen meals, meaning dinner can be ready in a matter of minutes. KitchenAid has a microwave to fit your kitchen; check them out in person at Masters Wholesale, the premier Sacramento KitchenAid dealer

1. Built-in

Streamline your kitchen and your cooking with a KitchenAid stainless steel built-in microwave. This powerful appliance features 1000 watts and will thoroughly and quickly cook your food and make short work of leftovers and frozen meals. Trim kits are available for a seamless finish. 

Price: $1,999.00 

2. Countertop

Don’t need a built-in or mounted microwave? KitchenAid makes a variety of countertop microwaves, which means you can put them wherever you have space in your kitchen, even if you have to use a kitchen cart to create room. This stainless steel countertop convection microwave can cook like an oven; in a fraction of the time. 

Price: $699.99

3. Over the Range

KitchenAid makes a…range…of over-the-range microwaves like this 1.1 cubic foot stainless microwave hood combo unit. It combines the fast cooking features of a microwave with the air-purifying elements of a wall hood. Warming leftover seafood never smelled so good. 

Price: $949.00

KitchenAid Garbage Disposals

KitchenAid Garbage Disposals

When there’s a dirty job to do, you want the best, high-quality tools, like a KitchenAid garbage disposal or trash compactor. These guys can take on food scraps and make the mess disappear or be much more manageable. (Your kids could learn a thing or two from a KitchenAid garbage disposal.)

1. Sink Disposals

You can’t see it, but this KitchenAid under-the-sink disposal won’t balk at vegetable peels, egg shells, or bits of leftover pasta. Make your kitchen clean-up a dream with a powerful, reliable KitchenAid garbage disposal. The KitchenAid Red Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer works tireless and reliably behind the scenes to help you keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh. Accidentally put a chicken bone down the drain? Have no fear! This unit boasts a sensor that detects potential jams. 

Price: $359.00

2. Built-in Trash Compactor

Does your trash seem to build up in the blink of an eye? As you know, busy families and serious cooks can create a lot of food scraps; let this KitchenAid trash compactor make life easier for you! If you want to take out your trash less frequently, this trash compactor reduces trash volume by up to 80%! It can do everything but take the trash out for you, including reducing odor and how many trash bags you use. 

Price: $1,849.00

KitchenAid Hoods and Vents

KitchenAid Hoods and Vents

A KitchenAid wall hood is your best friend in the kitchen. It will help keep your home from smelling like Bolognese for days and erase evidence of kitchen mishaps. (Burned eggs, anyone?) The help continues with a wall hood’s lighting features; see your stovetop clearly no matter how dim your kitchen is. Shop from a full range of KitchenAid hoods and vents at Masters Wholesale. 

1. Wall Hood

KitchenAid wall hoods, like this 30’’ stainless steel hood, come in several sizes. Keep your kitchen safe, cool, and well-ventilated with this 65K BTU unit. Never adjust a hood again with sticky fingers; this hood has auto sensors that adjust fan speed based on the heat coming from the cooktop. 

Price: $1,429.00 

2. Under Cabinet Range Hood

KitchenAid makes hoods and vents for any kitchen. If you have cabinets over your stovetop, have no fear, the KitchenAid Under Cabinet Range Hood is just the ticket. This powerful, 30-inch hood has a 585 CFM motor and a 75,000 BTU rating that will keep pace with your busiest cooking days. 

Price: $1,529.00

3. Ductless Vent Kit

What if you don’t have the duct system to support a wall hood? KitchenAid comes to the rescue with this ductless downdraft vent kit. It contains a filter that can clean onion-scented air before blowing it back into your kitchen.

Price: $343.49 

Where To Buy KitchenAid Appliances in Sacramento

We are the number one Sacramento KitchenAid dealer. Shop our complete line of KitchenAid appliances and find the right ones for your home. KitchenAid has been helping our customers create their own premium kitchens with stylish, superior craftsmanship. Spend more time making and baking with a KitchenAid range and make the clean-up easy as pie with their roomy, deep-cleaning dishwashers. Whatever your KitchenAid appliance needs are, we are your one-stop shop. 

Here at Masters Wholesale, we are proud to serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas, including Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Lodi, Stockton, Galt, Herald, Wilton, Rio Vista, and Rancho Marrieta. Come check out our Sacramento KitchenAid showroom and have your questions answered by our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. They’ve been helping professional home builders for years, and now they can help you too! Build the kitchen of your dreams with KitchenAid and Masters Wholesale. 

I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

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Curate your kitchen’s self-expression and save some money with the masterful craftsmanship, elevated style, and superior performance of a KitchenAid appliance package from Masters Wholesale. Each package showcases four incredible appliances that make kitchen work feel like a breeze. We are the premier Sacramento KitchenAid dealer; find stellar appliances and savings at Masters Wholesale. 

What is a KitchenAid Appliance Package?

A KitchenAid appliance package includes the necessary kitchen appliances like a refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and microwave. KitchenAid appliance packages are an easy, straightforward way to deck out your kitchen with top-of-the-line KitchenAid appliances. These packages contain essential KitchenAid appliances every home needs and offer savings as well! 

KitchenAid Appliance Package Options

Here at Masters Wholesale in Sacramento, we offer three different KitchenAid appliance packages. Each contains a refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher, so you can easily equip your kitchen with the basics. 

Keep your food fresher and more delicious for longer with the ExtendFresh feature of the stainless steel KitchenAid French door refrigerator. The ExtendFresh temperature management system keeps your fridge’s internal temperature steady, so molds and bacteria can’t grow. This fridge also features a large pullout tray so you can easily store platters of food before social get-togethers….think of how much easier Thanksgiving will be with this fridge! Choose the right temperature to store certain foods with the FreshChill Temperature-controlled full-width Pantry, which regulates airflow and keeps temperatures right where you want them. This refrigerator is one of your strongest allies as you fight off hunger pangs and any starving hordes roaming your home. 

Your range is your number one soldier in the fight to feed—the KitchenAid stainless steel freestanding electric convection range is ready to go. Convection ovens are the professional bakers’ choice, and with KitchenAid’s Even-Heat technology, your cookies will bake evenly and quickly; no sheet-turning is required! With this range’s unique bow-tie design and fan system, you’ll get professional, perfect results every time you bake, broil, or roast. Steam, sauté, or fry for a crowd with five heating surfaces. Keep your beautiful food at the perfect temperature with a dedicated warming zone. And this range’s stainless steel finish will shine in any kitchen design. 

The KitchenAid stainless steel over-the-range microwave is your backup buddy. This microwave will make quick work of leftovers and sides and won’t judge you if frozen meals are on the dinner menu tonight. With 1000 watts of power, this high-performing microwave assists you in the kitchen like the sous chef you never knew you needed. Adjust cook time automatically and use its intelligent settings for cooking, reheating, or defrosting with ease and zero guesswork. Did a kid or a roommate explode pasta sauce in the microwave? This microwave continues to have your back with its interior CookShield Finish. No scrubbing or harsh chemicals are needed with this easy-to-wipe-down finish. (Not available for pets or children, sorry.)

Your KitchenAid appliance package is rounded out with what is arguably the best appliance: a dishwasher. Your dishwasher handles the dirty job no one wants to do—cleaning up after dinner. The KitchenAid PrintShield stainless steel built-in dishwasher is on your team after everyone else has finished eating. (The only thing it can’t do is ask someone else to load it.) With three versatile racks, you can fill it full to the brim with all the dirty dishes, and they’ll be sparkling clean from this dishwasher’s Advanced Clean Water Wash System.

We offer two different KitchenAid appliance packages featuring these four stellar appliances.

This package features:

  1. 30’’ electric convection range
  2. 2.0 Cu. Ft. microwave
  3. 25.8 Cu. Ft. refrigerator
  4. 24’’ dishwasher

This package features:

  1. 30’’ electric convection range
  2. 1.9 Cu. Ft. microwave
  3. 27 Cu. Ft. refrigerator
  4. 24’’ dishwasher

Benefits of Buying a KitchenAid Appliance Package

Here are some of the benefits of a KitchenAid appliance package.


With a curated KitchenAid appliance package, you can save your brain power for other decisions. There’s no need to consider multiple, different appliances; you can rest easy when you choose a KitchenAid appliance package, knowing they all work together and provide you with the superior quality of the KitchenAid brand. 


Here at Masters Wholesale, we pass on the savings to you with KitchenAid appliance packages. Save up to $1500 on a KitchenAid appliance package from Masters Wholesale in Sacramento.

KitchenAid Appliance Packages in Sacramento

We are the number one KitchenAid dealer in Sacramento and the go-to KitchenAid showroom for areas like Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Lodi, Stockton, Galt, Herald, Wilton, Rio Vista, and Rancho Marrieta. If you’re looking for KitchenAid appliance packages in Sacramento, look no further than the Masters Wholesale KitchenAid showroom. We have hundreds of appliances on display, so you can get a good look and feel for your new KitchenAid appliance package. It’s so helpful to see the colors up close and personal, so you can visualize how they’ll look in your home. And you can ask our trained sales staff any questions you might have and take advantage of their experienced opinion to make the best choice for your home. We have been serving professional home builders for 45 years; see the difference shopping like the professionals make at the Masters Wholesale Sacramento KitchenAid showroom


I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

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Our Top Picks for 2023:

Wall ovens are a difficult purchase.

You have similar-looking yet different brands, all promising the best features.

However, no brand is best for everyone.

In this article, you will learn all about the best brands and their best products.

We will also look at the most reliable wall ovens based on over 40,000 service calls logged last year.

Then you will learn how to size your wall oven and the differences between single and double wall ovens. Most people buy double ovens but buying a single wall oven with a specialty wall oven like steam or speed is worth considering.

There is no one best wall oven. After reading this article, you will have a good idea of what will be best for you. Plus, there are plenty of videos to help you along the way.

Let’s get started.

Best Wall Ovens for 2023

Best Convection System: Wolf DO30PM/S/PHDO30CM/S, and DO30TM/S/TH

Wolf-DO30-Wall-OvensProfessional Series DO30PM/S/PH |Contemporary Series DO30CM/S | Transitional Series DO30TM/S/TH


The Wolf M-Series offers three distinctive styles: professional, contemporary, and transitional (shown above).

They have the most advanced convection technology that uses blowers from the corners of the oven instead of fans, called VertiCross Convection.

The blowers are more powerful than fans and with more even heat distribution, top-to-bottom and side-to-side, while maximizing usable space in your oven.

The Wolf Gourmet feature offers a menu with dozens of presets to cook various foods automatically.

You can select the type of food, the weight, and how you want it cooked, and the oven will figure out the time and temperature. It will even prompt you for the ideal rack position.


  • Large oven capacity of 5.1 cubic feet
  • Ten cooking modes for predictably delicious results
  • Dual VertiCross convection for consistent heat across all racks
  • Gourmet feature for foolproof meals
  • Standard or flush inset installation
  • Color touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Best Oven with Steam Assist: Miele H6780BP2


Miele has a distinctive modern look.

Their MasterChef controls are like the Wolf Gourmet guided cooking system. You pick the food and weight, and the oven calculates your time and temperature.

However, Miele has a larger library of recipes and baking options.

Miele also has a steam assist function injecting up to three bursts of steam in a cooking cycle. Moisture is essential for keeping key nutrients in your food and not baking them out.

Miele’s MasterChef has automatic programs for 15 kinds of bread, creating a crispy crust and soft interior.

Despite its advanced controls, Miele does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Master chef programs offer over 100 food types to cook to perfection
  • Wireless meat probe
  • Twin power fans provide optimum and even distribution of hot air
  • Soft open and soft close door
  • Touch controls
  • 15 different types of bread recipes

Best Touchscreen: JennAir JJW3830IL


JennAir does have smart functionality allowing you to turn the oven on or off or adjust the temperature on the app.

A full-color LCD (liquid crystal display) screen allows you to touch anywhere on the screen and select your oven options. The display intuitively presents information to easily access the oven’s functions.

JennAir is simple to operate. Like Wolf and Miele’s wall ovens, you can scroll through automatic cooking programs, but JennAir is the only one to show you pictures of the finished product before you start cooking.


  • 5.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection
  • My Creations Recipe Curator
  • No Preheat Baking
  • Keep Warm Option
  • Auto Convection Conversion
  • Rapid Preheat
  • Proofing Option
  • Control Lock
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Alexa Enabled Device
  • Google Assistant-Enabled Device
  • 7-Inch Full Color LCD Display
  • JennAir™ Culinary Center
  • Smart Integration
  • Connected Temperature Probe

What Are the Differences Between JennAir, Miele, and Wolf Wall Ovens?

Of the three, the Wolf wall oven has the best convection technology with blowers instead of dual fans.

Miele’s wall oven has steam assist allowing you to keep most nutrients in your food and cook with less oil.

The JennAir wall oven will show you what your food will look like before you cook it with its full touch screen and LCD.

Best French Door Wall Oven: Café Appliances CTD90FP2MS1


French door ovens allow you to access your food easier instead of reaching over a door. Many restaurants will use French doors for safety and access to larger items.

The Café Appliances wall oven has some unique features, including an air fryer, allowing you to crisp foods without the oil using high heat and convection (we still haven’t been able to fry anything using any manufacturer’s air frying mode).

SmartHQ is Café’s smart app. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can turn your oven off and on remotely.

There’s also a camera in the oven, so you can watch your food on your phone through their app instead of opening the door and losing temperature.

Modes are added wirelessly even after you buy your oven, like their Steakhouse and Turkey modes.

You can customize the oven, choosing handles or knobs in brass, copper, and stainless steel, as well as three different finishes, black, white, and stainless steel.

Cafe-Appliances-French-Door-Wall-Oven-FinishesCafé Appliances Wall Oven Finishes



  • Stylish French door design
  • French doors can open single-handedly
  • Wi-Fi enabled, adjust temperature/modes with your smartphone
  • Self-Clean oven racks allowing you to leave racks in during the high heat self-clean
  • Ten passes dual broiler & bake element

Best Price: GE Profile PTD7000SNSS


The GE Profile wall oven has twin convection, a temperature probe, and full-extension racks. The GE Profile wall oven is a less expensive version of the Café without the color or handles choices and a few modes.


  • Brilliant touch 7″ display
  • True European Convection with Direct Air
  • Never scrub, heavy-duty, smooth glide racks
  • Precision cooking modes
  • No, preheat option
  • Hot air frying
  • Anywhere control with remote notifications
  • Scan-to-cook technology

How to Buy a Wall Oven


Wall ovens are available in 24, 27, 30, and 36 inches to fit standard cabinet sizes. For new construction, 30 inches is over 90% of units sold nationally.

Twenty-four and 27-inch wall ovens are mostly bought as a replacement for existing ovens. Twenty-four inches is the most common gas wall oven size, while 27 inches is more commonly electric.

Thirty-six inches is a specialty with premium brands like Gaggenau and Wolf.

Fuel Type: Gas vs. Electric

Electric ovens are far more common, and over 95% of units are sold as electric. Gas is mostly replaced at 24 inches. Unlike ranges, there are only a few good gas-wall ovens on the market.

As we mentioned earlier, gas ovens are better for broiling and roasting. Electric ovens are more consistent and better for baking.

You will probably end up with an electric oven because of the sheer selection.

Single vs. Double Wall Ovens

The real question is, do you need a double oven?

Let me tell you a story:

When my parents moved out of our home in Needham, they moved into a condo in Jamaica Plain.

Their new kitchen features two ovens and a microwave. The wall oven still had packaging on the inside when they left four years later, showcasing how it was never used.

Now you can buy a single oven, place a steam or speed oven over it, and cook differently.

Specialty Wall Ovens

Choosing between having a double wall oven or a single oven depends on how much you will use that second oven. If the answer is never or rarely, buy a single oven with a speed or steam oven.

You must assess what you need, what you will use, and where it fits in your kitchen.

Here is what you can do by adding a specialty oven:

Steam Ovens

Steam cooking is pretty amazing. It’s a healthier way to cook. By adding moisture to the hot oven, the steam oven helps to not bake nutrients out of your food and adds flavor.

Speed Ovens

Speed ovens combine microwave and convection cooking. You can use the functions separately or combine them for speed without the rubbery texture of using a microwave.

Warming Drawers

You can add a warming drawer to keep food warm for up to three hours without dehydrating it. You can place a drawer under your oven. This is especially useful if you and your family eat at different times.


Wall Oven Reliability from December 2020 to October 2021

Service Rate
Miele 6.3%
Bosch 7.3%
Wolf 7.6%
KitchenAid 8.1%
Thermador 11.2%
JennAir 12.8%
Grand Total 8.6%

The figures above are based on a minimum of 100 wall ovens sold and over 2000 total pieces from December 2020 to October 2021.

In 2021, we logged 40,000 service calls. We calculate appliance reliability by dividing the products we serviced by the products we sold.

Miele is the most reliable, with Wolf close behind with more sales and newer products.

Newer products typically have more problems. In this rare case, they don’t.


Wall Ovens vs. Major Appliances for Reliability

Wall ovens need repair just slightly more than the average appliance. It’s surprising as most are sold as double ovens.

Many issues are installation and customer education oriented. However, wall ovens have more complicated controls, yet there are not many experienced technicians to fix these incredibly complex units.

Before you buy a wall oven, you need to know who will fix your new appliances.

Extended appliance warranties will not help you unless a service department backs them. Most warranties are not backed by much of anything.

Which Wall Oven Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for the best wall oven, you may be overwhelmed and think all wall ovens look similar these days.

But there’s no such thing as the best wall oven because no single product has guided cooking, steam assist, and smart home functionality.

Ultimately, it depends on what you value and how you cook.

Gaggenau has the most modes for any cooking. If you cook professionally or creatively, Gaggenau is a good consideration. You’re paying more for better functionality in a wall oven.

With guided cooking modes, Miele, Wolf, and JennAir will figure out the time and temperature for you versus you figuring it out yourself. The Wolf Gourmet system with rack settings may be the best.

BlueStar is your only choice in gas. Still, it’s a good option.

GE Profile and Café Appliances have lower-priced double-wall ovens but surprisingly good features for less money.

In this post-COVID-19 supply shortage world, the best wall oven may be the one in stock and the one with better service in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is Better, a Wall Oven, Cooktop, or Range?

This question starts with your kitchen project. It determines your ventilation and your overall kitchen layout as well.

Ranges centralize your cooking in one area, so you never have to move from oven to stove. It uses less space than a cooktop and wall oven as well.

You should spend less money on a range than on a wall oven and cooktop.

Wall ovens are more ergometric, meaning you don’t have to bend like a stove. You also have more choices and options, like steam in a wall oven, than a range.

Although I am not a fan of downdrafts, you can downdraft a cooktop far easier than a range.

You have different layout choices for both. You can place a wall oven anywhere in your kitchen, whereas you would need to centralize your stove.

2. How Much Do Double Ovens Cost?

Double ovens start at $2,399 for a GE 30-inch with dual convection to $11,399 for the Gaggenau 30-inch electric double wall oven with 17 cooking modes and a look you will not find from any other manufacturer.

3. Who Makes the Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo?

For out-of-the-box combos, Thermador and Bosch have the most. However, the better units are offered as separate products. Look at Miele for simplicity. Wolf and JennAir are good options.

4. What Is the Best Single-Wall Oven to Buy?

The double ovens mentioned below are ALL available as single-wall ovens. There is no one best oven. Gaggenau, Wolf, and Miele are the best for functionality. GE Profile and Café Appliances are the more cost-effective.

5. Is a Gas or Electric Wall Oven Better?

Gas provides a moist heat source and is the preferred heating source for roasting. Electric ovens are better than gas when baking.

I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

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Our top picks for 2023:

Built-in coffee systems give you the best cup of coffee – better than any other option at home.

With a built-in coffee maker, you can make personalized, high-quality coffee beverages at the touch of a button. Not to mention, you will save money and time.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t do anything in the morning without having a coffee. K-Cups or Nespresso are quick and convenient compared to ordering coffee at your local coffee shop.

Kind of like hot dogs, but are we thrilled with the hot dog level of coffee? There are better experiences out there. Not to mention that you are paying double, or sometimes MORE than double, what a drip coffee maker would cost per cup.

According to the investment company Acorns, “the average American spends $1,100/year on coffee.”


Their data also showed that 34% of Americans spend more on coffee than investing in stocks or bonds. The math is pretty straightforward.

If you spend $5 a day on coffee, seven days a week, for a whole year, you will have paid $1800+/year. Keep in mind these figures are for just one person. Imagine the yearly cost for a coffee-drinking household.

If you are like me and crave a high-quality cup of coffee or handcrafted beverage, consider purchasing a built-in coffee machine.

After you overcome the upfront cost, you will start to save money using it over the long term.

built-in coffee machine is an investment. The good news is there aren’t many options, and they all do the same thing.

In this article, you will learn all about the best built-in coffee machines from Miele, Gaggenau, Wolf, and Fisher & Paykel.

In the end, you will also see some cool accessories like warming drawers and vacuum seals, as well as how to maintain your coffee machine.

Let’s get started.

The 4 Best Built-In Coffee machines for 2023

Best Overall: Miele CVA 7775 CTS


The Miele CVA 7775 CTS built-in coffee maker is Miele’s newest coffee system and is the best on this list for its build, convenience, and usability.

Miele is a German-based, family-owned company that prides itself on quality control. They produce more of their own components in-house than any other appliance manufacturer.

This 30-inch stainless steel coffee machine is plumbed and is available as left hinge only. It’s also self-venting.

As for convenience, this coffee machine can dispense two cups of coffee when placed side-by-side with the “OneTouch for Two” option and dual dispensing spouts.

It also has a cup sensor that will automatically adjust the spout to your cup’s location.

With their whole bean coffee system, you can select how bold you want your coffee, along with what type of coffee, from a regular cup of joe to cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, and lattes.

Additionally, with Miele’s coffee pot function, you can hold up to eight cups.

All of Miele’s built-in coffee makers have their signature M-Touch controls to make your selection of coffee.

Miele’s M touch controls are easy to navigate by simply swiping the screen. This system will save your favorite or custom selections for up to 10 user profiles.

In terms of maintenance, Miele’s coffee machine is incredibly easy to clean. It essentially does the work for you with its automatic rinsing and cleaning programs. Each cleaning function is automatically activated when the machine is turned on or off.

If you need to access the bean container, milk reservoir, water tank, drip tray, capsules, or waste, the door will also swing outwards to easily access these components.

Lastly, all of Miele’s built-in coffee makers are plumbed or non-plumbed. You can install the non-plumbed version anywhere you have an outlet. However, you must empty the drip tray and refill the water reservoir manually.


  • Auto Descale
  • Separate dispenser spouts keep coffee, milk, and water separate to avoid crossover flavor and bacteria
  • Built in grinder for fresh coffee with every cup
  • Makes everything from coffee to espresso to lattes and hot water.
  • Tea Pot and Coffee Pot Function
  • Multiple tea programs
  • 3 compartment bean selector
  • Customize the perfect strength and cup size
  • Create profiles and save favorites
  • Two cups at once for any drink, including milk-based drinks
  • Instant double shot button
  • Party Mode
  • Wi-Fi and Remote Start

Technical Details:

  • Thermoblock water heater
  • Stainless slanted conical grinder
  • 91.3 fluid ounces (fl oz) water tank
  • 17 fl oz milk jug
  • 21.16 oz coffee bean capacity (rubber sealed, 3 compartment selector)
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Drip tray (rubber sealed)
  • Optional accessories such as a warming drawer and a vacuum drawer

Best for Beans and Ground Coffee: Wolf EC3050PMS


Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove are well known today as a reliable luxury appliance company that makes their appliances in the U.S.

In this case, however, Wolf has outsourced its coffee maker to De’Longhi along with Fisher & Paykel’s built-in coffee machine featured below. De’Longhi is an enormous Italian company producing appliances from slow cookers and air conditioners to espresso machines.

The Wolf EC2450TE/S built-in coffee system is available as tanked only in 24 or 30 inches. It does not include a trim kit.

The Wolf transitional style built-in coffee machine is available in black or stainless steel with a full-color touchscreen, making it easy to operate and make selections.

It’s also available in Wolf’s contemporary or professional styles to best match your Wolf appliances. All wolf models have the same controls, warranty, and features. The only differences are cosmetics.

Like Gaggenau’s and Miele’s coffee systems, you can customize every aspect of your coffee drink.

You can select the coffee type you want, its strength, temperature, milk preference, and size. You can save up to six user profiles and custom selections.

Additionally, Wolf’s coffee machine can accept whole beans or ground coffee. Lastly, this coffee maker is self-cleaning.


  • Built in grinder, fresh coffee every cup
  • Makes everything from coffee to espresso to lattes and hot water.
  • Customize the perfect strength and cup size
  • Create profiles and save favorites
  • Brew two cups at once, excludes milk drinks
  • Coffee pot mode selection (25.4oz) unique to wolf
  • In unit storage

Technical Details:

  • 1200 watt heater
  • Stainless steel burr grinder
  • 84.5 FL OZ water tank
  • 16 FL OZ milk jug
  • 12 OZ coffee bean capacity
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Optional accessories
  • Water filter
  • Warming drawer
  • Vacuum drawer

Best on a Budget: Fisher & Paykel EB30PSX1


Fisher & Paykel, a subsidiary of Haier, has produced appliances since 1934. Based in New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel sells their products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Their coffee system, the EB30PSX1, is the least expensive on this list and has the most options. You have 13 options to choose from such as an americano, macchiato, or latte.

With an intuitive touch screen display, you can select your favorite coffee, select a brew time, and access maintenance data.

What’s unique about this model is that you can set your favorite coffee beverage to brew automatically at the same time each day. This way, your coffee is ready and freshly brewed when you are.

The difference between the Wolf and Fisher & Paykel coffee machines, both outsourced to De’Longhi, is that Wolf includes a coffee pot mode. Both of these machines have the same internals.


  • Built in Grinder, fresh coffee every cup
  • Makes everything from coffee to espresso to lattes and hot water.
  • Customize the perfect strength and cup size
  • Create Profiles and Save Favorites
  • Brew two cups at once, excludes milk drinks
  • In Unit Storage

Technical Details:

  • 1200 Watt Heater
  • Stainless Steel Burr Grinder
  • 84.5 FL OZ Water Tank
  • 16 FL OZ Milk Jug
  • 12 OZ Coffee Bean Capacity
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • Optional Accessories
  • Water Filter
  • Warming Drawer
  • Vacuum Seal Drawer

Which Built-In Coffee Makers Should You Buy?


Miele narrowly edges out its competitors due to its more straightforward interface and engineering. This unit has the most features and should last years if properly cared for.

Gaggenau’s coffee machine is still amazing. However, Miele’s auto-descale feature is why I nudged Gaggenau into second place.

The biggest differences between all four machines will be the user interface, installation type, and accessory options. Ultimately, your decision is based on what you value.

Best Built-In Coffee Machine Accessories

There are a few neat accessories available to compliment your coffee machine such as waring drawers and vacuum-seal drawers.

Warming Drawers


Warming drawers are great if you want to drink your craft beverage from a pre-warmed mug. They also work amazingly as towel warmers or when you must keep food warm before serving. There are some variations between brands.

  • Miele 24″ / 30″: Miele’s warming drawer can plug into their coffee machine to link up. You can set a timer for the coffee machine to turn on, and the warming drawer will preheat 30 minutes before the set timer. There is also a rubber mat to prevent slippage and handleless and panel-ready options.
  • Gaggenau 24”30″: They have handleless and panel ready options.
  • Wolf 24″ / 30″: The 24″ option has a rubber mat, and you could get a buffet container set accessory. There are also handleless and panel-ready options.

Vacuum Drawers



Vacuum drawers are fantastic accessory that serves multiple purposes. If you have a steam oven, you can use the cooking method of sous vide.

Sous vide cooking is sealing your food in an air-tight bag and then cooking your food in the water at precise temperatures.

You can quickly marinate meats. You can preserve food or coffee beans. These do not vary between brands other than warranty. None of the options are panel ready, and they are all handleless.

  • Miele – 24″ only.
  • Wolf – 24″ only.
  • Gaggenau – 24” only.

Trim Kits

Wolf, Miele, Thermador, and Bosch have compatible trim kits. Not Gaggenau. Every coffee machine is 24″ comprehensive, and trim kits are an excellent option to pair with 30″ warming drawers or ovens. You would not want to put a 30″ warming drawer under a 24″ coffee machine.

Best Built-In Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

Remember, a coffee machine is an investment. Be prepared to maintain your machine so it lasts for years.

For those of you who already have a built-in coffee machine, here are some tips on how to get the best out of your machine and how to extend the life of it.

  • Very cold 2% milk will give you the best results for your milk beverages. Oat milk is the recommended non-dairy alternative due to its creamy consistency.
  • Never put oily beans in your machine; it will clog the grinder. If you absolutely must, spread them out on a baking sheet and pat them dry with paper towels.
  • Make sure you descale whenever your machine tells you to.
  • If your coffee has too little cream or isn’t strong enough, dial-in the grinder for desired results. Another solution may be to change settings on bean consumption per cup. Consult your user manual for directions.

I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

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Our top picks for 2022 are:


Purchasing a gas cooktop should be easy. You read reviews online then go to your local appliance store to choose one.

Choosing one should be easy. After all, a cooktop is half a stove. The only twist is popular brands like GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, and Samsung do not produce popular gas cooktops.

Most brands with popular cooktops like Thermador, Wolf, Miele, and BlueStar don’t sell conventional stoves but only professional ranges.

Let me make this decision easier: Choosing a cooktop is about burner output, burner configuration, and ventilation.

In this article, you will learn all about the seven most popular gas cooktops and their features like burner output and simmering capability.

You will also learn a lot about gas cooking and ventilation. Knowing how to vent a gas cooktop and whether a gas cooktop is better than an electric or induction cooktop is essential.

Let’s get started.

The Best 36-Inch Gas Cooktops for 2022

Wolf CG365P/S


Why You Should Consider a Wolf Gas Cooktop: Dual Stacked Burners

Wolf’s gas cooktop has dual-stacked burners. You can simmer at a lower temperature on two of the 100 BTU Thermador XLO or SKS UltraLow burners, but you can simmer on all the Wolf burners at 365 BTU.

Brand Profile: Wolf is American-made and family-owned.

Burner Output:

  • One burner at 18,000 BTU
  • One burner at 12,000 BTU
  • Three burners at 9100 BTU

Thermador SGSX365TS


Why You Should Consider a Thermador Gas Cooktop: Star Burners

Many other bloggers will refer to Thermador’s Star Burners as projecting more heat around the pan. I don’t see heat diffusion as a benefit. The burner heats the pan, and the pan cooks the food.

That said, Thermador has an excellent simmer on two burners. They also have an interesting rebate program. You can buy the cooktop and wall oven and get a free dishwasher with their One-Two-Free rebate program.

Brand Profile: Thermador is American-made and German-owned.

Burner Output:

  • Two burners at 9,100 BTU
  • Two burners at 12,000 BTU
  • One Burner at 16,000 BTU



Why You Should Consider a Bosch Gas Cooktop: Control

Bosch’s gas cooktop has a similar design to a Thermador. Then again, they are the same company. Bosch has a new design allowing you more control between settings.

Brand Profile: Bosch is American-made and German-owned.

Burner Output:

  • One burner at 19,000 BTU
  • Two burners at 12,000 BTU
  • One burner at 10,000 BTU
  • One burner at 5,000 BTU

LG Studio CBGS3628S


Why You Should Consider an LG Studio Gas Cooktop: Burner Output and Reliability

LG now manufactures the most reliable appliances in the industry. However, LG Studio’s gas cooktop currently has the hottest single burner available at 24,000 BTU (that’s hot).

The cooktop offers Wi-Fi and a two-year warranty.

Brand Profile: LG Studio is Korean-owned and manufactured.

Burner Output:

  • One burner at 24,000 BTU
  • One burner at 13,500 BTU
  • One burner at 10,000 BTU
  • One burner at 5,000 BTU

Fisher & Paykel CDV3-365H-N


Why Should You Consider a Fisher Paykel Gas Cooktop: Professional Burner Output

BlueStar and SKS may have hotter burners, but Fisher & Paykel has a high output on every burner like a professional range. The center burner is 20,000 BTU, while the others are 15,000 BTU each.

Brand Profile: Fisher & Paykel is New Zealand-made and Chinese-owned.

Burner Output:

  • One burner at 20,000 BTU
  • Four burners at 15,000 BTU

How We Chose the Best Gas Cooktops

We listed the best cooktops based on features and availability.

Fisher & Paykel, Beko, and LG Studio are the most available gas cooktop brands.

The most popular gas cooktops are Wolf, Thermador, and Bosch. However, you will wait six months to a year for these brands. BlueStar is more of a niche brand. You will wait for a BlueStar as well.

Which Gas Cooktop Should You Buy?

Bosch, Beko, Thermador, Wolf, BlueStar, LG Studio, and Fisher & Paykel have the best 36-inch gas cooktops. Choosing one depends on how you cook and what you value.

Below, we compared each cooktop by highest BTU burner, lowest BTU burner, burner configuration, and value.

Which Gas Cooktop has the Highest BTU Burner?

  1. LG Studio – 24,000 BTU
  2. BlueStar – 22,000 BTU
  3. Bosch – 20,000 BTU
  4. Fisher & Paykel – 20,000 BTU
  5. Wolf – 18,000 BTU
  6. Beko – 18,000 BTU
  7. Thermador – 16,000 BTU

LG Studio has the hottest sealed burner on this list at 24,000 BTU.

BlueStar has two 22,000 BTU burners. However, the burners are open and not sealed like the others.

You must clean under the cooktop surface if you spill a lot. Every piece is removable and can be cleaned at the sink.

Fisher & Paykel and Bosch have 20,000 BTU, but Fisher & Paykel has the highest output on the other burners at 15,000 BTU.

A good question to answer is how do you cook? If you typically use one burner like me cooking for my daughter, then LG Studio is a good choice. For two or more, BlueStar and Fisher & Paykel are good considerations.

Which Gas Cooktop has the Lowest BTU Simmer Burner?

  1. Thermador – 100s BTU
  2. Wolf – 350 BTU
  3. Miele – 620 BTU
  4. Bosch – 500 BTU
  5. LG Studio 650 BTU
  6. Beko – 675 BTU
  7. BlueStar – 130 degrees
  8. Fisher & Paykel 140 degrees

These cooktops allow you to simmer soups or sauces, but if you need extra low heat, your two best options are Thermador’s and Wolf’s gas cooktops.

Their simmer burners are low enough for melting chocolate without using a double boiler, for instance. Wolf has a constant flame of 350 BTU on every burner. Thermador has an intermittent (on/off) flame to maintain 100 BTU on two XLO burners.

Which Gas Cooktop has the best Burner Configuration?

  1. Thermador
  2. Wolf
  3. Bosch
  4. Beko

The placement of the burners and control knobs is important for style and performance.

The Thermador, Beko, Fisher & Paykel, LG Studio, and Bosch gas cooktops have the highest power burner in the center of the cooktop.

This is important for ventilation reasons. If you use a range hood, the burner will be centered under the hood.

With a downdraft, this burner will be right next to the intake, so the most used burner has the best capture area for both venting options. Then again, why would you ever downdraft in new construction?

If you are using a downdraft for new construction, redesign your plan.

The control knobs of the Thermador, BlueStar, and Bosch are located at the front center of the cooktop.

The configuration allows for the most usable space on the cooktop surface to easily arrange multiple pots and pans.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Gas Cooktop

Rangetops vs. Cooktops


Gas Rangetop with a Griddle (Left) vs. Gas Cooktop (Right)


The terms are not interchangeable. Cooktops and rangetops are very different in features, especially for installation.

A cooktop has controls on the top and is cut into a countertop. Typically, a cooktop has less BTU, one less burner, and no built-in grill or griddle provision.

A rangetop is the top of a professional range installed on your cabinet. They have front controls, higher burner output, and the option for a grill or griddle on top.

A big misconception: The cooktop does have less BTU, but all the cooktops on the list have at least one or twp high-output burners of 15,000 BTU or more.

Cooktops also are less expensive at $500-$1000.

Is Gas Better Than Electric?


Cooking on a Gas Cooktop


Gas cooktops can reach a boil or simmer fairly quickly, whereas electric heats the glass, and the glass heats the pan. It’s slower to heat, and that same process is reversed for simmering.

Ultimately, gas is better for cooking.

In terms of cleaning, you have to clean both frequently. The gas burner and the electric surface will heat, so any spills will be baked in to the stovetop and harder to clean.

However, you would typically need a high CFM range hood if you choose a gas stovetop. You can read the venting section below (it’s important).

If you plan to purchase a range hood along with your gas cooktop, then gas is easily better. However, you may want to consider electric if don’t have a good venting option.

Is Gas Better Than Induction?


Cooking on an Induction Cooktop


Induction cooking is magnetic heat that excites the metal in your pan, so the pan cooks the food. Induction is faster than gas with a better simmer.

It’s also easier to clean because the glass doesn’t heat and more child safe because the magnets need to sense metal to activate.

However, you need 30 amps at least for an induction cooktop versus less than 12 for gas.

Venting a Gas Cooktop


Cooking, in general, but especially gas, emits Cabon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Formaldehyde, and Particular Matter.

You should plan adequate venting to evacuate these gases out of your house. We cover this in many of our venting articles, but proper ventilation includes:

  • High CFM – Depending on how you cook, 400-600. Remember, over 400 CFM triggers Make-Up Air Laws stating you need fresh air return.
  • Large Capture Area – The hood should cover the burners.
  • Good Ducting – Your duct should run straight up or back. Never down.

Can You Place a Downdraft Behind a Gas Cooktop?

Best Cattura Downdraft - Kitchen-1

Downdraft on a Kitchen Island


Every manufacturer will say yes, you can place a downdraft behind a gas cooktop. That does not mean you should.

It’s a pretty important decision with the overall look of your kitchen, especially with an island.

Downdrafts have enough CFM at 600- 1200. CFM is cubic feet per minute. However, there is almost no capture area.

Smoke is channeled first and then exhausted. Downdrafts do not have a chamber like a hood.

A range hood is much better even at lower CFM, especially if you prefer to cook using high heat on a wok, grill, or griddle.

Many of these cooktops also have high-output burners, so you will be creating a lot of heat.

A hood can channel and capture smoke and use gravity to push it outside. The downdraft is reversing gravity with no capture area.

Downdrafts should be used only as a last resort, especially if you like to cook.

Key Takeaways

Our staff chefs test all these brands in our showroom kitchens.

Beko has the lowest price at $1,249. Their cooktop costs less than the other six cooktops listed and offers good configuration and decent power.

Beko is consistently rated well with rebate incentives and have appliances in every category to complete a whole kitchen. They also have had the best availability.

Overall, Thermador will offer the broadest range of temperature management and has a great burner style offering a star shape. The Thermador is a great option if you’re looking for a very low simmer.

Wolf is 100% American-made and consistently among the least serviced premium appliances.

The cooktop also offers a great burner output and can simmer effectively on every burner versus on two burners for Thermador.

The signature red knobs (black or stainless are also an option) are on the side for easy access to the front burners. You do not have to reach over the knobs to reach the burners, especially with heavy pots.

Then you have three good choices if you want greater output.

The LG Studio has the highest single burner at 24,000 BTU, while BlueStar has two 22,000 BTU burners, but you have to clean under the top.

Then Fisher & Paykel will offer you all high-output burners with one at 20,000 BTU and four burners at 15,000 BTU.

LG Studio, Thermador, BlueStar, and Wolf offer a two-year warranty, whereas Bosch offers a traditional one-year warranty.


I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

Table of Contents

I can see how it can be hard to choose between a Thermador and Monogram professional range. We just started representing Monogram, so I thought it would be an interesting comparison.

Both brands offer different professional (pro) ranges in dual fuel and all gas. Thermador also offers two different series, the Pro Grand and Pro Harmony.

Both, of course, are different.

In this article, we’ll compare Monogram’s and Thermador’s best 48-inch ranges in dual fuel and all gas.

But let’s start with both companies, their series of professional ranges, and then we will compare the rangetops, ovens, prices, and possible issues.

By the way, I tend to compare their larger range sizes such as 48 inches. If you are in the market for a smaller stove, most features are still the same in smaller sizes.

Professional Range Heat Sources: Dual Fuel vs. All Gas

You may believe a dual fuel range has the ultimate combination of features with the speed of a gas stovetop and the precision of an electric oven.

Electric ovens are excellent for baking, but gas ovens are better for roasting and broiling. In all gas, both Monogram and Thermador have infrared broilers for more directed, intense heat than an electric oven.

The fuel type you choose for your oven depends on how and what you like to cook the most frequently. However, Monogram and Thermador add additional features to their dual fuel ranges.

Monogram has a better clock available in one model, while Thermador adds self-cleaning and a few other stovetop and range options unavailable in their gas models.

Let’s take a look at the brands and their series of professional ranges.

Monogram Professional Ranges


Monogram 48-Inch Professional Range


I would never have imagined us carrying Monogram six years ago. It was a luxury line with builder-grade features.

We try to keep brands to a minimum because we service the appliances we sell. You can’t achieve service excellence with many brands, so we curate and carry only the best in each category.

However, Monogram was sold to Haier, a Chinese company. They are an appliance-only multinational company who turned around Fisher & Paykel, GE, Café Appliances, and Monogram.

Their new Monogram line is interesting and now competitive with other luxury brands.

Monogram Professional Range Models


Monogram All Gas Professional Range:

Monogram Dual Fuel Professional Range:

Monogram only offers three 48-inch models, two in dual fuel and one in all gas.

You can buy with a grill and griddle and their new control system or six burners in a griddle in dual fuel and all gas with their more basic system.


The range has a great burner output with 23,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) and 21,000 BTU burners and a combination of 18,000 and 15,000 BTU burners.

Monogram’s 48-inch ranges also offer an infrared gas grill and gas griddle. You will see more in the comparisons section below.

In addition to a powerful stovetop, Monogram’s ranges offer the best Wi-Fi experience with several different tie-ins to cooking apps, like the Hestan CUE advanced cooking system.

Lastly, Monogram ranges have light-up knobs and brass accents. In my opinion, they are a nice touch.

Thermador Professional Ranges


Thermador 48-Inch Pro Grand Range


Thermador was another turnaround story 25 years ago. They were purchased by the BSH Home Appliance Corporation in the 1990s and are probably the number one luxury brand by sales.

They manufacture more ranges than Monogram, but mostly in dual fuel.

Let’s start with their Pro Harmony series ranges.

Thermador Pro Harmony Series Ranges



Thermador Pro Harmony All Gas Range:

Thermador Pro Harmony Dual Fuel Range:

The Pro Harmony series has one all-gas and one dual-fuel range. Both have six burners and a griddle. The difference between all gas and dual fuel is self-cleaning and their convection system.

Their electric oven uses a “True” convection system, also called “Pure” or “European” convection, meaning air is blown from the back.

It’s technically better than regular convection, with the heat generated from the bottom and blown in from the rear.

Thermador Pro Grand Series Ranges

Thermador Pro Grand ranges have a larger depth than the Pro Harmony by 3.5 inches at 24.6 vs. 27.9 inches for the Pro Grand.

The cubic foot difference of 5.7 versus 4.9 in the Pro Harmony.

Of course, the Harmony will sit flush while the Pro Grand will protrude past your cabinets. You can fit a sheet pan in a Pro Grand but not in a Pro Harmony range.

It also offers a radial clock, a 22,000 BTU burner versus the 18,000-max output of the Harmony, with an additional Proofing mode.


Thermador Pro Grand Series Gas Range

In all gas, the Pro Grand series has one model with six burners and a griddle. The Pro Grand all gas ranges are self-cleaning as well.


Thermador Pro Grand Series Dual Fuel Ranges

The Thermador Pro Grand series has more models in dual fuel. The top surface is available with a griddle or induction module.

The side oven can be a regular oven or steam oven with a warming drawer below. Steam is one of the healthiest ways to cook. A steam oven adds moisture to your food and reduces the loss of nutrients instead of baking them out.

Underneath is a warming drawer to keep food warm for up to three hours without dehydration. It’s a good feature to have, especially if you and your family tend to eat at different times. The food is always warm without being microwaved.

Highlights of all Thermador Ranges

Let’s talk about Thermador’s signature Star Burners. I am not sure Thermador’s star-shaped burners are faster than round burners, however, the burner is raised and easier to clean underneath.

Thermador ranges have two intermittent simmer burners that can reach a low temperature of 100 degrees. To keep a consistent low temperature, the range will turn the burner on and off intermittently. The induction option is far better than 100 degrees.

Thermador’s display offers touch controls and shows modes and temperatures.

Like Monogram, Thermador’s ranges are Wi-Fi enabled and can connect to your phone and other Thermador appliances. With Thermador’s app, HomeConnect, you have access to different recipes to enhance your cooking.

Now that we’ve covered both brands, let’s compare their best ranges.

Monogram vs. Thermador 48-Inch Pro Ranges: Which Is Better?

Let’s look at the top surfaces of all the various ranges and compare them based on their specs.

Monogram vs. Thermador Pro Range Stovetops


  •  Monogram Pro Ranges
    • Two 23,000 BTU burners, two 18,000 BTU burners, and two 15,000 BTU burners
  •  Thermador Pro Harmony Ranges
    • Three 18,000 BTU burners and three 15,000 BTU burners
  • Thermador Pro Grand Ranges
    • One 22, 000 BTU burner, two 18,000 BTU burners, and three 15,000 BTU burners

From an output standpoint, Monogram has the newer 23,000 BTU sealed burner that delivers more output across the board.

In gas, induction is a different story, as I will explain later in the article.

Simmering Capability

This is tougher to measure because Thermador measures theirs in BTU while Monogram is in degrees.

Thermador is amongst the best, with their XLO simmer at 100 degrees. You have four XLO burners on the Thermador.

The Monogram is 140 degrees. BlueStar is the only other manufacturer to use degrees as a measurement.

When I asked them years ago why 130 degrees, they claimed 130 is the lowest to still kill pathogens in food.

A simple Google search says it takes 24 BTU of heat to change the temperature of one pound of air by one degree.

The Monogram simmer burner can reach as low as 550 BTU, roughly. At 100 BTU, Thermador is better.

Composition of the Burner


Monogram Pro Range Brass Burner


Both use brass to some extent. Monogram has a higher percentage of brass. Brass burners will age better and crack less than a regular burner.

Thermador’s Star Burner


Thermador’s Signature Star Burner on Their Pro Ranges


Thermador’s literature will say it covers 56% more of the pan, but I am unsure how that is beneficial.

You stir your ground beef or scrambled eggs, so I don’t see the advantage. Perhaps with salmon or another whole item, you would have better heat distribution.

Then again, the pan heats and cooks your food. (It’s worth a test).



Cleaning a Thermador Star Burner


The Star burner is raised, so it is easier to clean under than Monogram or any other sealed round burner.



Monogram 48-Inch Pro Range Griddle


Monogram’s pro range has 18,000 BTU griddle, while Thermador pro ranges use a 1630-watt, 6-pass element.

As the proud new renter of an apartment with an electric range, my thoughts on electric cooking have changed. Electric burners are fine once the heating element reaches temperature.

However, the process is slower, both heating and turning it down to simmer.

Thermador has a non-stick surface. It should be easier to clean than a stainless and aluminum Monogram griddle.

However, the Monogram will be a better griddle in terms of performance.



Thermador Pro Grand Duel Fuel Range with Induction Cooking


The Thermador Pro Grand offers induction. More manufacturers include induction burners as a module on their pro ranges, like Fisher & Paykel and Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS).

Induction cooking is the “newest” cooking technology first introduced by GE in the 1980s. Then abandoned by most manufacturers until about 15 years ago.

An induction burner will be faster than the 23,000 BTU Monogram burner, BlueStar’s 25,000 BTU Nova burner, or the 30,000 BTU Hestan burner.

Its magnetic heat excites the metal molecules of the pan, bypassing the glass for easier cleaning and venting.

You also have an infinite simmer and the most child safety. You need metal to cook with induction so it cannot accidentally be turned on.

Induction is a great option. You can read more about induction vs. pro gas cooking by clicking here.


Monogram features a 14,000 BTU infrared grill on one of their dual fuel ranges.

Infrared is the best type of grill with its directed heat. It also burns any drippings that may fall with its intense heat.

You can sear well with this burner. For New Englanders, you can effectively grill even in the winter.

Overall, you have a wide range of possibilities on either cooktop. Let’s talk about Monogram’s and Thermador’s ovens.

Monogram vs. Thermador Pro Range Ovens


  • Monogram Dual Fuel Pro Range
    • 5.75 cu. ft. of capacity in the large oven and 2.5 cu. ft. in the smaller oven
  • Monogram All Gas Pro Range
    • 6.2 cubic feet of capacity in the larger oven and 2.7 cu. ft. in the smaller oven
  • Thermador Pro Grand Range
    • 5.7 cubic and 1.4 cu. ft. in the smaller steam oven
  • Thermador Harmony Range
    • 4.9 cu. ft. in the large oven and 2.1 cu. ft. in the side oven


All dual fuel ranges are self-cleaning. In gas, only the Thermador Pro Grand range is self-cleaning.

Monogram offers a steam self-cleaning mode in all their ranges. It’s a 30-minute cycle used after you cook. The steam loosens the debris so you can easily wipe it. Once the food is hardened, you must use the regular self-cleaning cycle.

You can also keep the oven racks inside the oven during self-cleaning in the Monogram range but not Thermador.

Convection Cooking System

Both Monogram and Thermador use single-fan convection in both ovens. Miele will use a twin fan system, and Wolf will use the newest blower style.

Steam Oven

Thermador-Professional-Range-With-Steam-Oven (1)

Thermador Pro Range with Side Steam Oven


Thermador has a steam oven option in the Pro Grand series. Steam is the best way to cook by adding moisture and not baking out nutrients. It’s not just for rice but any food, including proteins, starches, and brownies.

The only thing to keep in mind is there is a learning curve when it comes to successfully using a steam oven. Make sure to spend the time learning how to use one.

On the steam models, you have a warming drawer below. You can keep food warm for up to one hour in a drawer without dehydrating it.

Warmers are great if your family eats at different times.

Oven Controls


Monogram Pro Range Oven Controls


The basic Monogram and Thermador are similar, showing you modes and oven temperature. The Monogram shows you the time.

The Thermador Pro Grand has a smaller radial-style clock. The Monogram dual fuel has a more fully functional 7-inch LCD screen. It’s pretty cool as the clock swings out for easier viewing.

Monogram vs. Thermador Pro Range Smart Functionality


Monogram Pro Range with App Integration and Wi-Fi Connection


Both have excellent smart capabilities. Monogram uses the SmartHQ app, while Thermador uses the HomeConnect app compatible with all BSH appliances.

Smart technology for appliances has been evolving, but basic until recently. With Thermador and Monogram, you can turn the oven on or off remotely and see the time remaining all through your smartphone.

Now both have recipe integrations with recipe apps. Thermador has tie-ins to Innit and SideChef, so you can follow along with prepping meals.

Monogram might be better because they always add modes wirelessly, like their Steakhouse or Turkey modes.

You also have Hestan CUE and the Hestan cooking pan with the purchase of a Monogram pro range with tons of step-by-step recipes in the better Monogram dual fuel range.

Monogram vs. Thermador Pro Range Prices

Monogram’s all-gas range starts at $11,000, while their dual fuel is $14,000 or $15,000 for the better LCD screen.

The Thermador 48 inch all gas range starts at $10,999 while their dual fuel Pro Grand with steam and induction is $18,199.

Both have similar rebate programs. Thermador has a One-Two-Free rebate program. This range will qualify you for a free dishwasher. The refrigerator purchase, along with the range, adds a free hood.

GE Appliances (the parent company of Monogram) has another free appliance or $1,500 towards purchasing another Monogram appliance. Their refrigerator purchase adds another $1,500.

Monogram vs. Thermador Pro Range Availability

Thermador appliances are tough to find at the moment. Depending on the model, you should expect a lead time of six months to over a year. Monogram is better at a three-month lead time.

Monogram vs. Thermador Pro Range Reliability

I don’t have Monogram numbers as we just started selling their appliances. Professional ranges generally have a repair rate of about 15.5% in the first year.

Dual fuel and larger units need more repair. You will need service on both brands within five years, if not sooner.

Both companies have their own service departments. That’s a rarity these days.

After you review features, spend an equal amount of time researching who is better at fixing your future problems in your area.

Monogram vs. Thermador 48-Inch Pro Ranges: Key Takeaways

I was surprised at how limited the selection both companies offered, which may or may not be a problem for you.

Monogram has an excellent grill and griddle, but you can’t buy six burners and a grill.

Thermador doesn’t have a grill. Then again, they offer induction, which is a faster burner. So, why not offer four induction burners with a grill or griddle?

Anyway, both are good ranges. Monogram is surprisingly competitive with high output burners, gas infrared grills, and griddle versus Thermador’s electric griddle. Their smart functionality is worth checking out for both.

Thermador has an induction module. You will like it better than the gas burners. Their steam oven is also worth learning. The food does taste better out of a steam oven.

Of course, the intangible is always service. You will need it. The question is, who will service your new stove better?

I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

Table of Contents

The oven is undoubtedly the super star of the holiday meal.  When cooking in a convection oven, most of us are intimidated because it’s something we are not used to.  Let’s help take the guess work out of convection.  The cooking results will amaze you!

What is the main difference between convection and conventional?

A convection oven has a fan that circulates heat around the entire oven cavity, sometime using more than one heating element.  A regular oven has a single heating element and the heat only flows in one direction, from the bottom up.  Convection is cooking from the outside to the inside evenly.  In a convection oven you have 3 racks.  You could bake cookies on all three racks and the cookies will cook evenly.  If you did this in a conventional oven, the bottom cookies would burn and the top wouldn’t cook all the way.

What are the benefits of using a convection oven?

When baking or roasting with convection you typically reduce your time and temperature by 25%.  You also get better cooking results.  When baking a pie for example, if it often difficult to achieve that golden browning on top without overcooking the pie.  With convection the even heat that circulates make this easy to achieve in less time.  You can also cook multiple items in one cooking session without mixing food flavors.  This makes serving everything hot at once a breeze.

What temperature do I use and for how long?

Depending on this size of your turkey and if you plan to stuff it, below is a cooking chart:

  • 12-15 pounds, 1.5-2 hours
  • 15-20 pounds, 2-2.5 hours
  • 20-25 pounds, 2.5-3 hours
  • In a conventional oven you typically cook the turkey for 20 minutes per pound.

Make sure your bird has reached 165 degrees F.   If your turkey is stuffed make sure the stuffing has also reached 165 degrees F.

There is no need to cover your turkey with foil.  Since the convection fan is evenly cooking, the bird will brown evenly.  Make sure you baste the turkey every 20-30 minutes.

Please come see us if you have more questions about convection ovens.

I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

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When front load washers hit the market back around 1999 – many of them had mold issues around the front rubber boot.  This caused odor issues that would transfer to fabric and if you had this happen to you, you were soured by the machine and wanted to switch back to a traditional top load washing machine.  Today, front load washers are better than ever.  Manufactures have done many things to rectify this issue.  Now the front rubber boot (door seal) has a drain so water doesn’t sit and get stagnant.  The rubber is also made of a bacterial resistant rubber to prevent this from happening.

Whirlpool and Maytag have a “Fan Fresh and Fresh Hold” feature.  When the wash cycle is complete a fan turns on and tumbles the clothes every six minutes.  This is a great feature if you can’t put the clothes in the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished.  It keeps the wet clothes from sitting too long and actually helps facilitate the drying process in some fabrics.

Electrolux washers have a vanilla scented rubber boot.

LG has very high ratings in consumer guide reports.

GE has a 4 way dynamic venting system to turn on when you are finished doing laundry.  It completely dries the inside of the machine.

Most front load washers today have a steam cycle which are certified to reduce over 95% of allergens, dust and pet dander and sanitize cycles that kill bacteria.  Most also have a clean washer cycle.

If you have a machine that is starting to show signs of mold or an odor, here is what you can do to get rid of it:

  • Put a 1/2 cup of Cascade dishwasher detergent in the tub with some old rags
  • Put a 1/2 of bleach in the bleach dispenser.
  • Select the longest, hottest washer cycle and an extra rinse
  • Repeat if necessary

Other things you can do is leave the door and the dispenser drawer open when not using.  Wash with hot water and bleach at least once a week to keep the machine clean.  There are also washing machine cleaners you can use.  Tide and Affresh are both good ones to use but I still think hot water and bleach is best.  Front loader still do a better job at cleaning that top loaders.  Don’t be discouraged if this has happened to you.  Follow the tips provided and I am sure this won’t happen again.  If you have more questions or would like to see our selection come visit us at Masters Wholesale.


I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.

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What is an induction cooktop??
An Induction Cooktop is a cooking surface that heats by transferring currents from an electromagnetic field located below the glass surface directly to the magnetic induction cookware placed above.
How does it work? While gas and electric stoves heat cookware indirectly by first heating a coil, burner, or producing a flame, induction cooking provides direct heat to the cookware which then passes the radiant energy on to the food. Instead of a heating element, magnets are used to stimulate the atoms inside your cookware and heat the pot or pan. Because induction cooking offers direct heat to cookware, it is an incredibly efficient option that gives the user more control over the cook than the traditional alternatives. Additionally, the heat is directly sourced, which means the temperature tends to stay much steadier than electric or gas ranges as well.
Do you have to get special cookware? YES. Any cookware that features a magnetic base can be used on an induction cooktop surface. Common induction-compatible cookware include cast iron and certain types of stainless steel. Stainless steel pots and pans that have had nickel added to them are non-magnetic and can’t be used with induction. To test your current cookware, you can simply hold a magnet up to the bottom of the pot or pan. If it strongly sticks, then that piece will work. If you’re purchasing new cookware, look for any type of “induction compatible” labeling.
An induction stovetop will not work with non-magnetic materials such as copper or aluminum.
Here are a few things to consider:
* The magnetic field can affect important electronics including digital thermometers.
* There are typically no visual cues that the burner is on, such as a physically hot surface, red coils or a physical flame. The can confuse people and make them wary to try it.
* You’re limited in the type of cookware that can be used.
* Induction cooktops typically hum during use, which can become louder when higher heat settings are used.
* Induction does use less energy. Check with your electric company as you may be eligible for a rebate when you switch to induction.
If you could like a demonstration on a live induction cooktop, please let us know! We have a few “live” induction cooktops in our showroom. Call 916-581-1063 to make an appointment. You can also shop online  

I've been in the appliances business for over two decades and have seen it all. I am passionate about educating customers about appliances and can help you find the perfect appliance for your home. My number one goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with Masters Wholesale Appliances.