Editorial Process

Masters Wholesale Editorial Process

Welcome to Masters Wholesale, your trusted source for exceptional home appliances, cutting-edge induction cooktops, and groundbreaking electronics. Since 1973, our family-operated business has been committed to providing unparalleled service and reliable products to customers in Sacramento and beyond. Our team of seasoned sales professionals is dedicated to helping you choose the ideal kitchen appliancesflooring, and plumbing fixtures that harmonize with your home and enrich your lifestyle.

Introducing Our Appliance Experts

Kathy Miller, Sales Manager


Meet Kathy: Positive, Experienced, and Compassionate

With a decade-long association with Masters Wholesale, Kathy Miller possesses extensive expertise in the appliance sector, including the latest induction cooking technology. She is devoted to helping customers identify the best products for their requirements.

Cy Rasco, Appliance Expert

Cy Rasco, Appliance Expert at Masters Wholesale

Meet Cy: Unmatched Luxury Appliance Partner Experience

Cy Rasco is a highly experienced professional steeped in over ten years of expertise within the luxury appliance industry. He is also committed to collaborating with trade partners such as designers, builders. and contractors for ultimate success!



James Lambert, Appliance Expert


Meet James: High Integrity, Humorous, and Detail-Oriented

Jame Lambert’s meticulousness and comprehensive knowledge of current trends, such as energy-saving induction cooking, make him an invaluable member of the Masters Wholesale team. He is always eager to discover the ideal solution for each customer.


Marc Guzman, Appliance Expert


Meet Marc: Professional, Helpful, and Resourceful

Known for his amiable and approachable nature, Marc Guzman is a popular choice among customers. He leverages his in-depth product knowledge and familiarity with consumer induction technology to ensure clients find the perfect appliance for their needs.

Our Editorial Process

At Masters Wholesale, we are dedicated to delivering accurate, impartial, and trustworthy content on our blog, with a focus on cutting-edge technologies like induction cooking. Our editorial process is structured to guarantee the utmost quality of information, as we understand that our readers rely on us to make well-informed decisions regarding their appliance needs.


Our team diligently research each topic, utilizing credible sources such as manufacturer websites, industry publications, and expert interviews. They also stay informed about the latest advancements in induction technology and energy-efficient appliances.


Following the drafting of an article, our team of appliance experts conducts a meticulous review process. This involves verifying technical specifics, confirming the information’s accuracy, and assessing potential biases.


Our editors attentively examine each article for coherence, precision, and readability. Their objective is to ensure that the content is not only comprehensible but also engaging for readers while adhering to industry-specific terminology and trends.

Ongoing Updates

We endeavor to keep our content fresh and pertinent. When new information emerges or products evolve, our team updates the articles accordingly to guarantee our readers access to the most current information on induction cooking and other appliance technologies.

At Masters Wholesale, our primary objective is to cultivate trust and uphold the highest level of integrity with our customers. By adhering to this editorial process, we guarantee that our blog remains a dependable resource for all your appliance needs, including the most recent information on consumer induction technology.

About Master Wholesales Digital Media

Currently, Masters specializes in kitchen appliancesflooring, and plumbing fixtures – servicing the Northern California market from our Rancho Cordova showroom and distribution center. Our impressive showroom, open to the public, of 10,000 square feet features live kitchens for cooking demonstrations, culinary classes, and is constantly being refreshed! Longtime customers have included well known and established Contractors like; The New Home Company, USA Construction, Cresleigh Homes, AD Seeno Construction, Brown Construction, Del Webb Homes, Elliott Homes, Lakemont Homes, L&H Homes, Premier Homes, Reynen & Bardis, Snyder Development, Trammell Crow, and United Communities to name a few as well as many Custom Home Builders such as Gilevich Construction, Hart Development, Heard and Engle, Lee Construction, Radford Construction, Skover Construction, Streng Construction, Story Construction, Tim Snipes Construction and Turnkey Builders. We also have established strong relationships with our area’s most premier designers such as Panattoni Interiors, Designs with you in Mind—Cathy Tonks, Carrie Boesch Designs, Design Alchemy, Julie Smith Designs, KCS Designs and many more.

Masters convenient location has an expanded product selection, knowledgeable salespeople, local delivery and local management and ownership. We are a long-established company and a viable choice for any of your construction, remodeling or replacement projects. Masters Wholesale has been the Professionals Choice for over 45 years and now yours!