7 Features & Gadgets To Look For When Purchasing a New Gas Range

Check out features on new gas ranges

A gas range is the strongest ally any cook can have in the kitchen. Gas ranges are preferred by chefs and serious cooks for their superior heating and precise temperatures. New cooks benefit from how easy a gas range is to use, making more cooking adventures a success. If you’re considering purchasing a new gas range, there are more new features than ever before that can enhance your cooking experience. While the classic gas range is still a tried and true workhorse, there’s no reason you can’t have more fun and gain the increased convenience and ease of the features and gadgets a new gas range can boast. Experiment with sous vide, cook for a crowd with a built-in griddle, and win baking competitions with a convection oven. Find gas ranges with all these features at Masters Wholesale

More Burners + Better Burners

If you want to stick with the classic range combination of a gas stove top and an oven, then you have the option of more than four gas burners! You can be boiling, frying, searing, and sauteing—all at the same time. The Bosch brand is an excellent choice for a classic gas range with extra burners. The Bosch 800 Series gas range has four regular-sized burners and a larger burner in the middle. This will give you much more flexibility with what you cook and when you do your cooking. The large burner can handle your large pasta pot, while meats, sauces, and veggies can be cooked on the others. 

Another delightful feature you can find with a Bosch range is the dual flame ring power burner. This Bosch 800 Pro Series boasts six gas burners that have dual flame ring burners. A dual flame ring burner has a smaller circular burner inside the main ring. This creates more even heat, allowing for equal browning and searing by avoiding extra hot and cool spaces on your pan. Check out Bosch gas ranges in Sacramento in our showroom!

Convection Ovens 

Bake like a pro with a convection oven. Preferred by bakers everywhere, convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air throughout your oven evenly. This means even browning and no more needing to rotate your cookie sheets. Convection ovens also work great for cooking food in a covered pan, so regular cooks aren’t left out. This stunning Bertazzoni Professional Series Pro Style gas range features a roomy oven with dual convection fans and six spacious dual flame ring burners. 

Another fun feature you can find in a new range is a steam convection oven. Cooking with steam keeps food moist and helps retain vitamins and minerals. Adding steam to a convection oven gives cooks more control over how their food turns out and helps lock in flavor. Cook faster with a Dacor Transitional Style gas range with an extra-large oven, 22,000 BTU burners, and a convection oven with a steam assist feature. 

Warming Drawers

Another fantastic ally cooks can enlist is the warming drawer. Many newer ranges have warming drawers, a compartment in your oven that can be set to warm temperatures, preventing food from cooling before serving. Most meals are prepared in sequence, with the proteins, vegetables, sauces, and bread all finishing at different times. Look like a professional when you serve your entire meal hot with help from your range’s warming drawer. This Bosch 800 Series gas range showcases a warming drawer that will help make every meal a success. 

Stove Top Additions

The modern gas range offers cooks the ability to use more than gas to prepare food. Incorporate multiple cooking methods into one gas range.

1. Built-In Sous Vide

If you’re feeling creative and want more from your gas range, consider sous vide, where food is gently cooked in hot water. Make flawless poached eggs every time with built-in sous vide. The Signature Kitchen Suite Pro Style dual fuel gas range offers gas heat, induction and sous vide.

2. Griddle Flat Top

Cook for a crowd with ease using a built-in griddle or flat top. The chrome-infused electric griddle in the freestanding gas range makes crispy edges and flipping pancakes a breeze. 

3. Induction Cook Top

If you want to boil water in a couple of minutes, choose a gas range with a partial induction stovetop. The stunning Fisher & Paykel Series 9 Pro Style Dual Fuel gas range comes with four gas burners and a large induction stovetop. 

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