3 Ways to Upgrade and Renovate Your Space with New Kitchen Appliances


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a newly renovated kitchen. The colors flow together, creating beauty in your kitchen. The light may sparkle in the air as it catches smooth chrome or burnished stainless steel. And then there’s the ease and increased functionality of new kitchen appliances. When everything works and works well, it makes your daily routines easier. You can’t put a price on how more beauty and ease will positively impact your life…unless you’re a contractor. But, have no fear. Here at Masters Wholesale, you can easily elevate your kitchen and get that newly renovated feel with upgraded appliances. Shop like the professionals at Master Wholesale. We have a range of high-quality kitchen appliances to fit everyone’s taste or budget, and we’ve put together this handy guide to inspire you and get you on the path to your dream kitchen. 


One of your most used and helpful kitchen appliances is your refrigerator. Your refrigerator may feel like a family member (possibly the most useful). While color and appearance are important, it’s also a good idea to consider function. Are you looking for temperature-flexible storage space? Maybe how long produce stays fresh is more important to you, or you’re looking for ample storage room. Knowing your needs when it comes to new kitchen appliances is an essential step to upgrading your kitchen’s best friend. 

Many of our customers are tired of finding half-frozen leftovers, produce, and yogurt at the back and sides of their refrigerators, which is why we recommend the Dacor 22.8 cubic foot counter-depth French door refrigerator. Dacor has a sleek design that lends a custom look to your kitchen. This stylish, classy refrigerator also comes in a graphite and stainless steel finish, accentuating most kitchens’ styles. While it looks elegant and timeless, this is a workhorse of an appliance and comes with three separate temperature-controlled zones. You’ll never find frozen parsley again! Keep your food fresher for longer in cooler zones, while items you use more frequently can live in a more gentle temperature. Who knew saving energy could be so fun?

You’ll be able to smell the freshness with Dacor’s UV air filtration. Even if something’s gone sour, the Dacor’s built-in deodorizing filter will keep the funk contained and out of your kitchen. Maximize freshness and flavor with two separate temperature-controlled crisper drawers for produce, meats, and cheeses. 


You likely have a relationship with your range if you’re a cook. (We won’t tell your spouse.) It’s your comrade in arms as you fend off starving hordes with delicious, nutritious meals. An upgrade to your range can make your kitchen look and feel brand new. You are no longer limited to your basic stovetop. Expand your cooking repertoire with built-in features like sous vide, an induction stove top, and a top-of-the-line gas range. The Signature Kitchen Suite 36” stainless steel Pro Style Duel Fuel Range will expand your cooking options in fun and exciting ways. Does cooking feel like a chore? Save precious time by boiling water in minutes on the induction range while you caramelize onions in cast iron on the gas portion of this stylish and high-performing range. Are you doing things around the house while cooking? This smart range is Wi-Fi enabled for ThinQ control for iPhone or Android smartphones. Never burn the potatoes again; always find perfectly cooked meat waiting for you. With its combination of gas, sous vide, and induction, this range is low heat, making it perfect for homes in warmer climates. You can pair this low heat range with a lower CFM hood or skip installing an expensive and space-hogging make up air system. 


Your dishwasher is likely your favorite kitchen appliance and is your family’s partner in crime, cleaning the grimiest of dishes with ease…or at least it should. An upgrade to your dishwasher will likely bring the biggest amount of ease and help to your kitchen. And, a new dishwasher isn’t only about bone dry, sparkly clean dishes. Many dishwashers now come with custom fronts, blending in seamlessly with your cabinetry, allowing you to elevate your dishwashing and kitchen aesthetics easily.

The Miele 24″ pannel-ready built-in dishwasher is the appliance of your kitchen dreams. This elegant stainless steel unit is powerful, quiet, and—most importantly—accommodates an owner’s laziness more than the average dishwasher would. The 7566 features AutoDos, an automatic detergent dispenser that works with a proprietary pod to release the correct amount of detergent. This model also has an auto-open feature. When select cycles finish, a mechanical arm pops open the door to let out steam and help dry the interior.

Whatever your budget, style, or taste, we have the right kitchen appliances to upgrade your space! If you’re unsure about what you want or need, our highly trained and helpful sales staff is standing by to help you make the best decision for your home. We have been the professional home builders’ choice for 45 years, and now we’re open to the public—experience the unparalleled quality, prices, and service offered by us here at our Sacramento kitchen appliance showroom.

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